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The Next Generation of Experts Include...

Hans King
Modern day mystic and medium
Kari Samuels
Intuitive Counselor and Archangel channel
Matt Kahn
Spiritual teacher, mystic and intuitive healer
Global Consciousness Leader
JZ Knight
Channel and Spiritual Leader
Dee Wallace
Internationally known channel, healer, author and actress
Christel Hughes
Multi-sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life Coach
Jonette Crowley
Spiritual teacher and mystic explorer
Judy Satori
Catalyst, activator and Way-shower
Paul Selig
Spiritual channel, author and medium
Danielle Mackinnon
Psychic medium and animal communicator
Gary Renard
Metaphysical teacher
Deborah Skye King
Soul Therapist and Global Leader in Personal and Planetary Transformation
Patricia Cota Robles
Spiritual Teacher and Awakening Guide
Lisa Transcendence Brown
NEW Earth Ascension Guide and Energy Master
Raquel Spencer
Multi-dimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist and Intuitive
Sidra Jafri
Intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator
Kourtney Levens
Angel Therapist and medium
Jill Renee Feeler
Spiritual teacher and inspirational visionary
Wendy Kennedy
Intuitive, Empath and Channel
Micheila Sheldan
Psychic Intuitive and Channel
Debora Wayne
Pain release and Energy expert
Suzanna Kennedy
Transformation expert and New Thought leader
Nora Herold
Healer and channel of the Pleiadian Collective
Cari Murphy
Soul Success Coach and author
April Olas
Energy worker and Life Coach
Jamye Price
Energy Healer, Channel and Teacher
Justin Elledge
The “Human MRI”, Intuitive healer
Joanne Justis
Authority on the Chaldean metric system, spiritual intuitive and gifted metaphysical practitioner
Marilyn Alauria
Internationally renowned psychic medium and personal growth coach
Carol Look
EFT Master, author and Intuitive coach
Sandra Walter
Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper
John Burgos
Psychic, futurist, author and host of Beyond the Ordinary
Edward Mannix
Spiritual Teacher and miracle facilitator
Channel for high light-energy group from the other side named “Julius”
Rudy Hunter
Energetic bodywork practitioner
Leslie Sloane
Creator of The Auracle Healing Cards
Lisa Barnett
Akashic Records Specialist
Laura Eisenhower
Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist and Intuitive Astrologist
Colby Wilk
Spiritual healer and multiple modality practitioner
Veronica Torres
Channel and conscious living guide
Anah Maa
Teacher of Love and Omni-dimensional gateway

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You Are A Sacred and Holy Space of Love


Enjoy a sacred song and toning by Rikka Zimmerman from her “Awakening Your New World” 7-Day Retreat in Hawaii. This powerful 16 minute transmission will activate the holy water inside of you and vibrationally remind you that you ARE a sacred, blessed holy space. You have beautiful holy water pulsing in every vain and molecule, infinitely blessing and loving you. Accompanied by Rikka’s beautiful singing and tonings, you will enjoy this audio for a lifetime.

Guided Presentation from Secrets of the Immortal

Gary Renard

Gary Renard guides us through a new form of prayer to quiet your mind and expand your consciousness.

Urgency of Self Love

Dee Wallace

An expansive conversation with Dee and Patricia Cota Robles on the importance of learning Self-Love.

Recalibrating Your Cosmic Circuitry

Raquel Spencer

Working within the bio-electrical, bio-chemical circuitry of your physical body, this activation will assist you to upgrade your systems to interpret Light at new and more refined levels. As your body upshifts to more fully interact with your Multidimensional essence and Omni-present Light wisdom, your ability to access higher streams of consciousness expands. It is recommended to listen to this activation often to continue to upgrade your Divine Vehicle of Light!

Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collectives Perspective on Money

Wendy Kennedy

Money can be a stumbling block for us. Sometimes it seems difficult to live in a higher consciousness while still dealing with the 3D reality of financial organization. Wendy offers us a look into the Pleiadian viewpoint on Money.

Understanding the Illusion and Reality of Fear

Lisa Transcendence Brown

A light activation from Lisa that will help you learn how to manage fear in your life, and to understand the purpose of fear in your life.

How Psychic Are You

Kourtney Levens

Have you ever wondered if you're psychic? How would you know? Kourtney Levens has a quiz for you to help you determine your psychic nature.

Plus Many More!

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Milota said:

Thank you John for creating such a beautiful and sacred space for so much support, light, and healing to move through.

You are awesome, and what you offer and share is truly a gift. Every call that I listen to is so transformative. I truly appreciate your insight, presence. and energy.

Marjorie said:

I was just blown away by your interview.

I listen to so many teleseminars and your show has the highest vibration of all. I so appreciate what you are doing.

Kathryn said:

Your telesummit is awesome! It expands us into a new way of Being easily and effortlessly.

Your personal insights and careful questions bring out the best in your speakers.

Emily said:

Your shows are stellar. Thank you for bringing the world such rich experiences and infinite potential.

Jaya said:

My heart weeps with joy to know kindred spirits like you are out there, John! Sending out more loving kindness your way! In gratitude for expanding my soul, my heart, me, myself.

Kim said:

Thank you John Burgos your show has been my rock during my own journey with Cancer diagnosed and clear CT scans in August!

I am beyond grateful for your show, your love and all the amazing guests and transformational teachings.