John Burgos
Founder and Host

Live interactive webinars with over 40 of the most sought after self-help and transformational experts in the world!

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What is Beyond the Ordinary?

Transformational Leaders

  • Paradigm shifting webinars featuring 42 world-renowned masters, teachers, psychics and energy healers
  • Experience 'What The Bleep’s' JZ Knight, mystic Matt Khan, Hay House authors/Oprah guests Gay and Katie Hendrix and many other healers
  • Our guests level up their vibration in the co-creative field created by the intention of being Beyond The Ordinary
  • Exclusive life changing transformational exercises, processes, light activations, meditations and special surprises!

New Platform for your Personal Transformation

  • Discover how to reverse engineer your future
  • Enhance your powerful psychic abilities
  • Reclaim your purpose, passion and joy
  • Reconnect to Love
  • Receive physical, mental and spiritual clarity and direction

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Transformational Leaders

Hans King
Gay and Katie Hendrix
Rikka Zimmerman
JZ Knight
Matt Kahn
Sheila Gillette
Jill Renee Feeler
William Linville
Danielle MacKinnon
Danielle MacKinnon
Debra Cummings
Kenji Kumara
Dougall Fraser
Emmanuel Dagher
Jayme Price
Paul Lufftenegger
Micheila Sheldan
Marilyn Alauria
Raquel Spencer
Michael Mirdad
Simone Wright
Kelly Hampton
Ken Stone
Ken Stone
Lisa Transcendence Brown
Lori Spagna
Anah Maa
Zach Rehder
Debra Poneman
Sayron Michael White
Anah Maa
Anah Maa
Justin Elledge
Yefim Shubentsov
Lisa Barnett
Tamra Oviatt
John Newton
Anah Maa
Marilyn Harper
Barry Goldstein
Joanne Justis
Dr. Edwige Bingue

Free Bonus Gifts

Relationship with Everything and Everyone – Trilogy Bonus

William Linville

This Trilogy bonus will provide clarity in a wholeness of a relationship with another, from an intimate loving relationship of the heart with your life-stream and with the whole Universe its self.

Tap Into Your Hidden Gifts & Abilities Live Stream

Rikka Zimmerman

3 Hours Activation -Tap into Your Hidden Gifts & Abilities and Discover the Turbo Fuel to Success - In All Areas of Your Life

Tubac Activation – Moving Through the Veil

Kenji Kumara

Intense Kenji Activation with background music by Jim Oliver

Into the White Light

Kelly Hampton

What happens to a soul after death? What is a register? What is it like in heaven? What is the best way to pray? Can the Bible and the Rue be viewed as accurate historical religious records or something else? These are some of the spiritual questions which are explored in Into the White Light.

Color Me Happy 3 part Meditation

Dougall Fraser

Dougall has created a fun, three-part guide called Color Me Happy. If you have ever wondered how clairvoyants see color and use it for a boost of positive energy, you will love this!

Plus many more..

What people are saying...

Patricia said:

I just want to tell you that I get invitations from many hosts, and yours is consistently my "go to" show. Keep up the good work. I am trying to spread the word. Thanks for what you do. You are making a difference.

Marjorie said:

I was just blown away by your interview.

I listen to so many teleseminars and your show has the highest vibration of all. I so appreciate what you are doing.

Erika said:

John, thank you for all you did to put together your Beyond The Ordinary Show. Your interviewing style has a nice flow, where the conversation continues and goes deeper, rather than being choppy and jumping around. It allows the listener to really get deep into it as well.

Emily said:

Your shows are stellar. Thank you for bringing the world such rich experiences and infinite potential.

Jaya said:

My heart weeps with joy to know kindred spirits like you are out there, John! Sending out more loving kindness your way! In gratitude for expanding my soul, my heart, me, myself.

Emmy said:

Thank you SO much John...I'm a huge fan of your show...

you are so progressive...YOU ROCK!