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  • Exclusive life changing transformational exercises, processes, light activations, meditations and special surprises!

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The Next Generation of Experts Include...

Mira Kelley
Past Life Regression Expert
Caroline Sutherland
Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist
Hans King
World renowned medium/psychic channel
Rikka Zimmerman
Catalyst for high vibrational and energetic alignment
Matt Kahn
Spiritual teacher, mystic and intuitive healer
Ambassador for the eternal presence of your being
Jill Renee Feeler
Ascension cycle and divine blueprint visionary
Esperanza Universal
Spiritual teacher/intutive & founder of "systems of universal law" institute
Lisa Transcendance Brown
NEW Earth Ascension Guide and Energy Master
Rhonda Britten
Heralded as "america's favorite life coach" by TV Guide
Dr. Suzanne Lie
Gifted psychotherapist, teacher, specializing in helping others connect with their multidimensional selves
Simone Wright
Highly respected intuitive consultant and Oprah guest
Dianne Collins
Modern visionary, an original thinker, and authority in new world view thinking
Kristen Alexander
Intuitive, medium, kundalini awakening and sacred activation expert
Maureen Moss
Catalyst for evolution in the human soul
Channel for high light-energy group from 'the other side', named Julius
Christel Hughes
Multi-sensory energetic intuitive, medium and holistic life coach
Jonette Crowley
Modern day mystic, with powerful gifts of clairvoyance, healing
Necole Stephens
Internationally renowned spirit medium, spiritual mentor and conduit for the afterlife
Micheila Sheldan
Psychic intuitive and channel who connects with her spirit guides, teachers, ascended masters and guardian angels
Sandy Alemian
Anrita Melchizedek
Channel, light language star ambassador and healer
Karen Curry
Human design specialist
Global peace ambassador, conscious advisor and spiritual leader
Angela Montano
International spiritual coach and facilitator devoted to sharing the utterly transformative power of prayer
Jamye Price
Light language specialist and international energy healer, channel and teacher
Colby Wilk
Spiritual and theta healer and higher realms facilitator
Marilyn Alauria
Internationally known psychic medium, spiritual teacher and healer
Carol Look
Pioneering EFT master and energy healer
Judy Satori
Light language catalyst, activator and way-shower
Julie Renee Doering
Brain rejuvenation expert
Ayman Sawat
One of the original creators of the discipline now known as emotional literacy
Raquel Spencer
Internationally acclaimed multi-dimensional energy and cellular light specialist
Channel, international speaker and angel communicator
Tristan Truscott
Source energy integration expert and catalyst
Surprise Guest
Gil Alan
Empowers people all over the world to connect to their inner guidance through their spirit guides
Kari Samuels
Intuitive numerologist and happiness coach
Anne Deidre
International celebrity expert on intuition, professional artist, speaker and coach
Laurie Moore
Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Certified Animal Communication Specialist
Surprise Guest
Surprise Guest

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Channeled message from collective group named Jeremiah exclusively for the Beyond the Ordinary Season 7

Micheila Sheldon ~ Intutitive Channel

The energies are accessed to develop a collective message that allows each listener to take away individual meaning pertaining to their unique path in this very moment.

A Guided Meditation for Full Body Relaxation

Tristan and Sabrina Truscott ~ founders of The Satori Method

This guided meditation walks you through a full body muscle relaxation. Designed to provide the deepest level of relaxation, this meditation reminds your mind and body about the difference between tight and relaxed muscles.

An Introduction to the World of Medical Intuition

Caroline Sutherland ~ World renowned Medical Intutive and Hay House author

Imagine being able to tune in to the body and unveil some of its mysteries. This form of insight is not just the domain of a few gifted people but is available to everyone, making medical intuition a teachable skill.

Body Healing Phase I - ReGenesis

Judy Satori ~ DNA and higher dimensional light activator

REGENESIS harmonizes and balances the chakras, helps to restore balance to the body’s energy systems and coherence to the cells, clear harmful electromagnetic radiation and bring new vitality to the body.

Daily Infusions of Light - Weaving together the Mental and Emotional Bodies

Raquel Spencer ~ Master Healer, Cosmic Shaman, and Cosmic Light Body Specialist.

We are EVOLVING! Bringing the emotional and mental bodies into a state of balance and cohesion allows you to operate from the heart at new levels of expansion and compassion. This activation weaves together new pathways of Light within your Quantum Fields enhancing your ability to live more fully from your heart.

Plus Many More!

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Milota Light said:

Thank you John for creating such a beautiful and sacred space for so much support, light, and healing to move through.

You are awesome, and what you offer and share is truly a gift. Every call that I listen to is so transformative. I truly appreciate your insight, presence. and energy.

Marjorie said:

I was just blown away by your interview.

I listen to so many teleseminars and your show has the highest vibration of all. I so appreciate what you are doing.

Kathryn Murray (New Zealand) said:

Your telesummit is awesome! It expands us into a new way of Being easily and effortlessly.

Your personal insights and careful questions bring out the best in your speakers.

Emily said:

Your shows are stellar. Thank you for bringing the world such rich experiences and infinite potential.

Jaya said:

My heart weeps with joy to know kindred spirits like you are out there, John! Sending out more loving kindness your way! In gratitude for expanding my soul, my heart, me, myself.

Emmy said:

Thank you SO much John...I'm a huge fan of your show...

you are so progressive...YOU ROCK!