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  • Our guests level up their vibration in the co-creative field created by the intention of being Beyond The Ordinary
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  • Reconnect to Love
  • Receive physical, mental and spiritual clarity and direction

The Next Generation of Experts Include...

Marilyn Harper
Spiritual teacher, Master healer and channel of Adironnda & Company
Kenji Kumara
Visionary spiritual catalyst and messenger of Quantum energy between worlds
Kristen Alexander
Intuitive, medium, kundalini awakening and sacred activation expert
Matt Kahn
Spiritual teacher, mystic and intuitive healer
Caroline Sutherland
Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Specialist
Stewart Pearce
Sound Healer, Seer, Angel Medium and author
Sherry Methling
Master Energy Healer and Intuitive
Lisa Transcendence Brown
NEW Earth Ascension Guide and Energy Master
Susann Taylor Shier
Intuitive channel, spiritual counselor and healer
Emmanuel Dagher
Transformational Healer, Conscious Evolutionary Guide and Teacher
Meg Benedicte
Pioneer in Energy Healing and Sacred Geometry
Dougall Fraser
Psychic, author and cosmic coach
Sidra Jafri
Intuitive healer, medium and Awakening Facilitator
Ilona Selke
Spiritual teacher and dolphin communicator
Ana Maria Vasquez
Multisensory energy reader and animal communicator
Ethann Fox
Spiritual teacher and energetic healer
Channel for high light-energy group from 'the other side', named Julius
Zach Rehder
Vibrational healer and awakening coach
Kelly Hampton
Founder of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Advanced Channel, Author, Medium
Channel, international speaker and angel communicator
Lori Spagna
Psychic visionary and lightworker, Intuitive and healer
Surprise Guest
Anrita Melchizedek
Channel of a host of Ascended masters and DNA activator
Shelly Wilson
Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach
Joanne Justis
Authority on the Chaldean Metric system, spiritual intuitive and gifted metaphysical practitioner
Justin Elledge
The “human MRI”, Intuitive healer
Nora Herold
Healer and Channel of the Pleiadian Collective
Surprise Guest

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Caffeinated Clairvoyant

Dougall Fraser

The Caffeinated Clairvoyant is a 30-minute recording of an off-the-cuff conversation with Dougall. Get to know his colorful personality and learn more about his abilities while you get his clairvoyant take on current events and every day issues.

Realm of Possibility Activation

Kenji Kumara

This activation offers you the opportunity to explore quantum applications of transformation beyond healing, processes and therapy. Be catapulted into the next dimension of emergence of light!

Embrace the True You

Sidra Jafri

This meditation has been created for you to let go of all that hasn't served you in the past and any fears or programs that might be stopping you from living a life fulfilled and on purpose.

How would your life change as a result?

Live as an Awakened being. Embrace your true self!

Become a Love Magnet!

Emmanuel Dagher

A deeply personal session that liberates you to experience the greatest love of all!

  • Release conscious and unconscious pattern that may be blocking you from attracting the love of your life.
  • Receive a deeper understanding of love, and how to easily tap into this sacred frequency within you.
  • Reclaim the love you deserve now, the love that has always been your birthright!
If you are ready for all this and oh so much more, this 1 hour healing session may just be the paradigm-shift you have been waiting for you.

How to Finally Master Forgiveness


The emotions of guilt, remorse, expectation and disappointment that come from judging yourself and others stop you from receiving high frequency thoughts. In this discussion with Julius you will finally understand the true process of forgiveness, discover the miraculous thing that occurs when you forgive, and learn how to eliminate the need to ever forgive anything ever again.

Plus Many More!

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Milota said:

Thank you John for creating such a beautiful and sacred space for so much support, light, and healing to move through.

You are awesome, and what you offer and share is truly a gift. Every call that I listen to is so transformative. I truly appreciate your insight, presence. and energy.

Marjorie said:

I was just blown away by your interview.

I listen to so many teleseminars and your show has the highest vibration of all. I so appreciate what you are doing.

Kathryn said:

Your telesummit is awesome! It expands us into a new way of Being easily and effortlessly.

Your personal insights and careful questions bring out the best in your speakers.

Emily said:

Your shows are stellar. Thank you for bringing the world such rich experiences and infinite potential.

Jaya said:

My heart weeps with joy to know kindred spirits like you are out there, John! Sending out more loving kindness your way! In gratitude for expanding my soul, my heart, me, myself.

Kim said:

Thank you John Burgos your show has been my rock during my own journey with Cancer diagnosed April and clear CT scans in August!

I am beyond grateful for your show, your love and all the amazing guests and transformational teachings.