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Colette Stefan first witnessed the power of quantum healing after her niece became the victim of a DUI driver. Her miraculous recovery after a series of remote healing sessions sparked Colette’s interest to find out more about quantum healing.

She was exhausted and discouraged from dealing with the illnesses and transitions of several close family members, while working full time and looking after the needs of her family. She instinctively understood that there had to be a better way! Her search for answers led her to a free Yuen Method demo and introductory seminar in April of 2005 with Tai Njio.

As she participated in the seminar, Colette felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders. She understood that she was born to do this and has dedicated herself to sharing her enthusiasm for shifting energy with others ever since.

Colette went on to study with Dr. Yuen, Tai Njio and Ishana Bai and interning for Dr. Yuen, Jessica Taylor and Ishana Bai.

Colette has been physically free of pain for years and enjoys expressing new heights of creativity through art, dancing and writing. She enjoy traveling to new locations and working with amazing people doing what she loves!

The insight Colette has gained since adopting this innovative technique as a way of life has provided many opportunities for expansive studies with brilliant men and women across the globe…



To Infinity and Beyond

The majority of humans throughout history have failed to rise to their infinite potential.
You are steering your reality!
Raise the bar for humanity by stepping out of the “norm” and into your unique brilliance!

  • Do You Want To Turn Life’s Challenges Into Opportunities?
  • Connect Your Insight To The Abundance That You Deserve?
  • Remain Calm And Centered In Spite Of World Chaos?
  • Experience More Fun! Less Pain And Suffering For Every Being on the Planet?

Ride the Wave of Your Infinite Potential




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Item 1

Identify Weak And Strong Video



It requires little effort to create a fabulous reality when we are energetically aligned with our absolute potential as opposed to forcing ourselves to plough through energetic weaknesses.Our mind can be our best friend by using it for less than a split second to identify weaknesses in energy.In this video we will demonstrate a life-changing skill that I have shared with hundreds of people around the globe…How to identify WEAK and STRONG energy, beginning with the deltoid muscle, finger testing and finally using your intuition…

Item 2

Align Your Energy Video



It requires little effort to create a fabulous reality when we are energetically aligned with our absolute potential as opposed to forcing ourselves to plough through energetic weaknesses.

In the first video we remember how to check if our energy is weak or strong.

In this video you will remember how to flip the energetic switch(es) to align your energy and support your goals.


Item 3

Affirmations for Success

  • Is Your Life Force Energy Longing For Expression?
  • Integrate the Sub-conscious, Non-conscious and Conscious Mind to Manifest Your Desires With Ease!

A lot of self-help literature tells us that we can manifest our desires into reality by pouring our energy into positive thinking. The problem with this approach is that it operates under the assumption that all the desires in our conscious mind are already congruent with the sub-conscious and non-conscious mind.

The reality is that to bring the formless into form our conscious desires must be aligned with the choices we are making on the sub-conscious level and beyond.  Affirming over and over again that we are strong to manifesting our desires when we are not energetically aligned leads to the frustration of unsatisfied desires and unexpressed potential.


Item 4



Keys To The Portals Of The Unified Field
Energy can be described as vibration and vibration can be described as frequencies represented by numbers that are organized into shapes, patterns and forms making up the Five Platonic Solids.

These building blocks are the fundamental structure and order that exists throughout nature and the entire Universe. A basic understanding of this structure is fundamental to creating a powerful reality for yourself and others.

Are you living your authentic desires? Reconnect with the perfect structure of the universe to build the life you want!

This clearing will peel away layers of energetic weaknesses that are limiting you from consistent steps of action towards your goals. As the blocks are released you will become strong to attracting, experiencing and living what you desire.


Item 5



Align Your Chakras To Enhance Health, Wealth And Joy In The Pursuit Of Your Authentic Desires
Every individual has seven major body chakras aligned along the vertical mid-line from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Like a radar dish in a research center the chakras serve as memory banks, storing vast quantities of information from previous and current lifetimes as well as possibilities in the future.

You can think of them as rotating wheels that receive and radiate their own level of consciousness or sensations of awareness of energy, acting as transformers to specific points where there are nerve plexus or ganglia.

The nerve centers that translate the vibrations received in the area are nerve responses that are experienced on a physical level. These responses are the actions and reactions we experience as feelings that have a direct influence on our daily lives whether we acknowledge that influence or not.

This energetic clearing accelerates and expands the ability to merge with all that is, promoting creativity, wizdom, and unconditional love by deleting common weaknesses from the cells, atoms and molecules of your physical body and your emotional, mental and spiritual development.


Bonus Clearing Call



Release Radioactive Fear And Contribute To Creative Solutions For
The Healing Of The Planet And All Her Inhabitants!

On March 11, 2011 the Fukushima Dalichi Nuclear Plant in Northern Japan suffered a catastrophic failure when it was slammed by a tsunami triggered by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake of the Tohuka.

It is extremely difficult to find open, direct and accurate information about the nuclear power plant, the condition of the surrounding communities or the uncontrolled release of radioactive debris into the air and water that is creating a growing risk to the entire planet.

Although mainstream corporate media has omitted or downplayed the disastrous global consequences the internet has been flooded with information and conjecture regarding the health threats to people, the impact on the environment and animals and recently that the Fukushima Dalichi Unit three is ready to explode.

The misinterpretation, misrepresentation and misinformation of the potential of the universal destructive impact for every being living on this planet and the effects on future generations and the plethora of unanswered questions is creating a breeding ground for stress and anxiety of epic proportions.

This is an opportunity to send me your leading concern around political, economical and environmental problems we are facing around the globe. (in one sentence or less please!)

In this recording I will address your concerns to gain neutrality, alleviate fear and inspire creative solutions in these challenging times



76% off
Special offer by Colette Stefan
A Total Value over $597
Yours for Only $147
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Before I started working with Colette I couldn’t move out of a dance level called Novice and the dance Slip Jig was the problem. I couldn’t get a first place in that dance. I had gone to many dance compositions but I couldn’t do it and when I did it I didn’t feel alive my energy was low and I wasn’t enjoying myself, then my mom introduced me to Colette on a phone conversation. As the session went on I started feeling a some what of a “click” also my body was basically telling me this is what is going to help. I also felt many changes in my body, also I could connect myself to my body.

A day after the phone session I had a dance competition and dancing the Slip Jig felt amazing. My body just felt like it knew what to do, I felt energized and I felt like I had danced my dance which is an amazing feeling which is so great that it’s to hard explain. Well that day I got first in the Slip Jig. And then a couple months later I went to the Mid Atlantic Regional championships. I dance in the traditional set (a dance). And the moment I stepped on that stage I got a feeling that I get when I know something good is going to happen, and something good did happen I made no mistakes and out of sixty girls I won!

Colette has changed my life problems and my dancing in many more ways by Colette.

-Shea Betten (11 years old), New York

Hello Colette, Thank you for the wonderful, insightful session that I had with you a couple weeks ago. It really moved me forward and boosted my respect for myself. Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and compassion. I admire you greatly. Warm regards.

–Marie Holmes, Paris

I met Colette Stefan in Sept 2011 at a demo. I was in a very difficult place in my life and desperately looking for relief. I was picked as one of the attendees to be worked on. I told her about my son who had been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, language based learning disability and opposition defiant disorder. He was also tormented by intense panic attacks. I was so shocked that she knew exactly how I was feeling which was hopeless completely worthless and totally to blame for my situation. Colette was able to clear the blocks instantly and I was so amazed by the results from the demo that I began to have sessions with her. I had hope!! In my first session with Colette I shared with her that my son was on a lot of medication. 3 medications at the time and 1 medication was taken 3 times a day. I really didn’t want him on medication and Colette told me that she could help with this. She did not direct me to make any dosage changes myself, and she began to work on it energetically. The following week my son had a psychiatrist appointment. To my complete amazement the doctor said he would like to decrease my sons medication. This was a complete shift from past visits and continued to progress this way every visit we had. My son’s teachers at school could not believe that his medication was being decreased because his behavior and learning ability were constantly improving. The first difference they noticed was that he was calmer and not having anxiety attacks in class anymore. My son is starting to make some friends at school and interacting with them in healthy ways. He is reading which they did not think he would do very well. It’s actually become his favourite academic activity. He has raised his hand in class to answer a question and most impressively guiding his own behaviour without violent breakdowns. To me this truly was a miracle. This has been the best decision I could have made for myself and my family. Thank you Colette. xoxoxo hugest energetic hug.

-Nicole, Vancouver