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John Burgos

LIVING IN THE EXTRAORDINARY - This is… A high vibrational activation portal. A foundation to hold the field for you to anchor your Actualized Potential. A membership site for those who wish to be in community with other like-hearted individuals. A home for those who are committed to up-leveling their lives. A launching pad to catapult you to where living the extraordinary becomes your ordinary!

Alicia Power

WALKING WITH YOUR SOUL; You will be awed and explode in love, inside the profound channeled practices, the inner visualizations, the gentle tweaking from Alicia's Senior Guides as you WALK WITH YOUR SOUL…deeper and deeper into your connection. You are finally MEETING ‘the one’ WHO you ARE. A reunion beyond time and space. And, it’s ABOUT TIME!

Christel Hughes

EXPRESSING YOUR DIVINE VOICE - You carry your shadow-coded energy everywhere you go, and for some people, it’s like traveling with massive overly-stuffed boxes with unacknowledged emotions. Wouldn’t you like to drop those heavy boxes and let them go forever? It’s time to move out of that place of monitoring your speech, not sharing your Whole Truth or not expressing at all, to a place of Full Self-Expression . . . but also in doing this, you’re ready to be a channel of Light + Truth!

Dee Wallace

YOUR ELECTRICAL LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE UNIVERSE - With this program, we delve into the channel’s highest messages of love as creation. We learn how to consciously use this force in creating health, wellness, relationships, success and money. You will discover how to send out the strongest signal to the Universe so The Universe can manifest with you, and deliver to you. Feel into your heart the truth of this amazing gift, and join me in this exploration.

Dana Micucci

SACRED SITE JOURNEYS OF LIGHT - Do you feel an urgency to refine your self-mastery and expand your sacred service mission? Do you yearn to travel to sacred sites without worldly distractions and the significant time commitment and resources required? Would you like to travel effortlessly over and over again to your favorite sacred sites and continue to unlock the powerful spiritual gifts they offer?

Steffie Funk

ROAR - ‘Roar’ is the invitation when your desire is to be free. Free of external sway. Free of cords. Free of attachments. Free of codependency. Free of the influence of resentment, guilt, shame, overwhelm, confusion, or resentment. Free to be who you are.

Elizabeth Wood

BECOMING HOMO LUMINOUS - In this package, I’m going to offer you a way to break down what we were into what we are becoming. These are advanced concepts in mysticism that come from a lineage of teachers and techniques. These concepts are meant to help you shift out of the personal self and into the Universal self.

Kourtney Levens

ANGELIC FREEDOM - Every day we face challenges and as spiritual as we’d like to consider ourselves to be, it can be a little tough to keep it all together! I’ll show you how to take back your power and rise to any occasion with your head held high.

Sara Landon

WELCOME TO PARADISE - It’s time to emerge into the grandness of you — your magnificence, your radiance, your power. It is time for you to step into a reality that for others may seem like a fantasy. The more that you realize the love that you are and the love within everything around you, the more rapid your manifestation of paradise, Heaven on Earth, a New Earth will be.

Susann Taylor Shier

MULTIDIMENSIONAL MASTERY OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE - Master your ability to thrive, with an open heart, in ALL ways on Earth as you expand your capacity to bring your unique and beautiful gifts. Together we will deepen your natural transformational abilities and your unique ability to bring in dimensions beyond this world to your world – for the benefit of ALL.

Tanja James

ENTERING INTO THE GATEWAY OF PEACE - Tanja James, psychic healer and alchemist, has curated this special offer for you to achieve unconditional trust and peace despite these turbulent and chaotic energy waves we are currently experiencing. Her Team of Light and Higher Self, have recently gifted humanity with a Gateway of Peace Activation to help transform the collective scream into a blissful song.

Denise Mange

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PET, RELATIONSHIPS AND LIFE BY THE NUMBERS - Being attuned to numbers helps us be open to tendencies, motivations, purpose, and patterns. When we compare our key numbers with those of others’ in our lives –whether human or furry – we can better understand the lessons we share and how we complement each other.

Matt Kahn

TOTAL INTEGRATION - Matt will walk you through practices and processes specifically channeled to help your body heal from lifetimes of trauma, unravel limiting belief patterns, reconnect in more sovereign alignment with the Universe. Learn how to navigate the uncertainty of our rapidly changing world with compassion, self-worth, renewed confidence, greater inspiration, and the ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries when needed.

Brooklin Rayne

THE YEAR OF THE BREATH - Breath is a pathway, a vehicle, a transmitter, a messenger, a connecting thread, an alchemist, and more. As we bring ourSelves into our present moment awareness, into the zero point, and connect with the breath we are capable of experiencing infinite miracles.

Raven Many Voices

HEALING FROM THE VOID: DISCOVER YOUR SHADOW SPIRIT GUIDES - It’s time to face your fear and learn the darkness within is not the enemy but the void of creation ready to shape your next step in life. Learn how to sit with your fear instead of fear controlling you and discover a powerful Shadow Spirit Guide ready to help you navigate back into the light.

Karen Wecker, Channel of Girez

CLEAR, CLEAN, AND GROUNDED - Girez guides you to your true self and knowing, leading you to experience more wholeness, and giving you new references based in love, joy, and light. Includes a one-on-one with Girez!

Judy Satori

ASCENSION AND SOUL EMERGENCE - Ascension is a divinely designed process, an evolutionary upgrade for humanity. As part of this process, we are changing physically as we receive more light into the cells of the body. Consciousness changes also mean that we are beginning to see life through new eyes. A new set of values of what life means for us and how we wish to live our life is evolving.

Ana Maria Vasquez

ACTIVATING YOUR SACRED ALLIANCE WITH THE NATURAL WORLD - Heal, Invoke and Activate your Sacred Alliance with your High Vibrational Allies in the Natural Realms to ignite your creativity, passion, and purpose!

Susan Kennard

HEALING CHAMBERS - Susan Kennard’s mission is to align you on your own divine mission. What better way to do this than by helping you shift and transform exponentially in mind, body, and soul. Susan and her guides have set up a variety of unique, Healing Chambers to make it easier for everyone to release and let go of anything that no longer serves you in order to be on the right path to their mission. These chambers have been created to infuse you with the frequencies, energy and light perfect for you.

Raquel Spencer

SACRED UNION OF YOUR PHYSICAL UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - The Light quotient on the planet and the awakening of her (Gaia’s) own Lightbody is providing the opportunity for many to advance to this level of embodiment. It’s time to embody sacred union within and come into a higher level of unity consciousness.

Alina Burgos

GUIDED TAROT READING - This special offer includes a personal one on one reading with Alina where you will put a mirror to your desires, blocks, and opportunities. Tarot is about self-knowledge and maintaining that contact with our highest selves and our spiritual team. The reading will end with a guided visualization to bring you into deeper, personal contact with the cards that get pulled for you. The experienced will be closed out by a follow-up email with insights and personalized journal questions.

Micheila Sheldan

DEVELOP YOUR LIFE FORCE & PROSPERITY - A human soul embodies on Earth with all that it needs to accomplish its goals. In today’s world, one’s identity is measured through a similar relationship to material. Yet the richest souls in the cosmos relate to themselves and the world differently. To be truly prosperous, we must rid ourselves of all attachment to material. To return to enlightened and peaceful civilizations on Earth, humanity must unwind decades of generational patterns and distortions. Join Micheila in her courses to assist you in achieving this unwinding and progression.

Marilyn Alauria

EVERYDAY GUIDED LIVING - Imagine walking hand in hand with your Guide through all the experiences of your life. Have a trusted friend. Someone who always has your back. Who helps you decide where to go, what to do, who to talk to, and what to say. This is what my relationship with my Guides is like, and we have been going strong for over 14 years. I want to show you how to do the same in this easy, digestible, fun, creative, kitten-sized lessons.