Alejandro Lazaro: Astral Mapping UntoSelf


With Astro-Cartography, we have the chance to know if the Sun is
providing vitality for us
, if the moon is offering emotional security for expression, and with every planet their overarching archetypes,
to learn what is working for us and against us.


Learn how to access this information for easy review
and begin your journey mapping your destiny.


Astral Mapping UntoSelf



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50-minute One-on-One


Alejandro will map planet meridian lines here on Earth to learn about the potential energies at play in your everyday life based on where you live and travel.


Astrology offers us the opportunity to analyze the archetypes appearing to teach us in our lives.


Online Broadcast





Alejandro hosts a weekly 30 minute online broadcast to share forecasts and reconnect with students.


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Astral Mapping UntoSelf



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Alejandro Lazaro

Healer, Astrologer and Yogi


Healer, astrologer and yogi offering astro-cartography readings with the intention of expanding love-consciousness.

Astro-Cartography is an exploration into the potential effect of planetary meridians on cities around the world with regard to your birth-time. Diagrams and maps will show both opposing harmonious and harsh aspects, over the cities of your choosing to explore their respective benefits and hindrances. Planet meridians have en effect of +250 miles and are interpreted relative to distance. Exploring the city you live and researching for travel are examples of the countless meditations that are available.

As we continue to unpack the layers of soul and self, choice sets the foundation for reality. What is the degree of separation between right and wrong? What happens when I choose awareness and presence?

We continue to call in the necessary space to allow things to reveal, unfold and once again be decided anew. Fear is a choice, as are doubt and faith. The intention of teacher as expander, of knowledge as freedom, and of life as infinite.


What People Are Saying About Alejandro


“Where do I begin? I was introduced to Alejandro by a very dear mutual friend who spoke so highly of him that I knew I needed to meet him. Our paths didn’t officially cross until months (maybe a year?) later. I asked Alejandro if he would be willing to do a reading with me as I had a lot of things happening quickly and needed some clarity. From the minute we started our zoom reading, I knew this was a blessing. There is a certain magic that comes through simply when speaking with Alejandro. I was amazed by how he so quickly tapped into what was going on with me. We deepened this journey by taking a look at my natal chart. He was able to pinpoint for me very specific circumstances that are best for me – down to where I should be living. Mind blown. The time and care he took made me feel so at ease and gave me an understanding of how to move through some of the tough stuff and make it work for me. If I could have a reading with Alejandro every week, I would! He is a gift and I’m very grateful to know him.”

– Mary Breedlove (Owner of Breed Love Beauty Lab Santa Monica)


“I was in a tough spot after 10 years of sacrificing everything to be in Los Angeles to pursue my dreams as an actress. Alejandro came into my life and in less than an hour, we mapped out my chart and realized LA had opposition after opposition. It felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders to realize I could stop blaming myself. I am rebuilding myself at home in Lima, Peru where my family is and where I have a Sun line which promotes vitality and health. I have set plans for New York in 2021 where I have a strong Mars line, Alejandro explains it has strongly benefiting potential for my career.”

– Mariana Vilchez (Latin Actress)


“Feeling pulled between East and West coast, a dear friend recommended I consult Alejandro on the best cities to make a real-estate investment and buy a home in. The information felt so good to uncover and as the pros and cons revealed, Alejandro was excellent at interpreting in the most practical and straight forward way. We spoke about many cities and it turns out I chose … NASHVILLE. A few weeks after my reading, a business opportunity I would have never considered popped up and I consulted the map as Alejandro taught me and Nashville it presently is. I have a strong Jupiter line which promotes expansion and abundance of all sorts. I feel grateful for the guidance and support.”

– Hillary Perriera (Owner of SPLASH New York )


“Facts and evidence are my safety net as an attorney and I rarely get to explore topics outside of my immediate world. My reading with Alejandro felt unique and like connecting with an old friend. The information we reviewed interested me more than I initially expected and recommend connecting with Alejandro. After having a session I sincerely feel as I have access to his support and tune in once or twice a month to his Sunday broadcasts.”

– Gabriela Cicero (Laywer)


“I host and plan retreats all over the world. Meeting Alejandro has been a game-changer for my events. I started working with Alejandro four years ago and benefit from his insights and synthesis on a regular basis. My friends used to laugh and now are the ones asking me to message Alejandro about dates and places and the favor of the stars.”

– Rashia Bell (Owner of Re.Vityl Philadelphia)










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Astral Mapping UntoSelf



Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option