Allana Pratt: Discovering Lockdown Love



During one of the most intense times of our lives, deepening our intimate relationship with ourselves is the foundational building block to our self-realization. Slowing down to reconnect to our heart takes us from irritation to intimacy, from overwhelm to oneness, from uncertainty to unstoppable.


We’ve ‘Become the One’ instead of desperately “Finding the One” to feel enough, safe and appreciated.


Then when we’re radiating our unique glow feeling home in our hearts, we ironically attract ideal partnerships, more financial abundance and experience true flow, miracles and glory!


Discovering Lockdown Love


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Personal Intimacy
Training with Allana


2 hour LIVE Intimacy Training & Energetic Integration Processing Class with Allana


Practice that powerful process I shared


All spiritual technologies and quantum psychology processes Allana has been trained as an Intimacy Expert for the past 20 yrs are based on the reality that our inner world creates our outer world.


Thus Allana’s Intimacy Training & Energetic Integration begins with you “Becoming the One” ensuring you are intimately connected with your ‘Little You’ AND Source so that you don’t project lack or emotional disconnection and manifest a less than ideal partner!


Then she helps you “Find the One” activating the 4 elements required in brain chemistry and the quantum field to integrate your present moment self and your future vision self into the present moment, feeding the Field with the exact vibrational recipe to magnetize your ideal match into your reality, or even awaken the one you’re with!


From Heartbreak to HeartMates


Discover Lockdown Love


In this 2021 edition, I directly address the massive isolation, lack of touch, and hopelessness my community is experiencing. We’re navigating an intense mental health crisis where many report feeling nervous to date during a pandemic yet simultaneously feeling more disconnected, lonely, and desperate than ever for true love.


This book is for souls:

  • Willing to bravely feel their feelings, lean in and release being a lone ranger and open vulnerably to the partnership,
  • Who have embraced lockdown as a time to go within, get clear on what really matters, and do the work to become HOME ITSELF within their being,
  • Willing to learn how to communicate effectively with an open heart, even when they’re scared, uncertain or overwhelmed.


Allana’s Conscious
Virtual Cuddle Puddle



60 minute event with exclusive time with Allana on Zoom

Come Full Circle to ‘Find the One’ Exclusive Event


Learn how to…

  • Manifest a Miracle This New Year… Your Ideal Relationship!
  • Learn a Counter Intuitive Strategy so You’re No Longer Invisible to Your Ideal Match
  • Go from Fear & Being Manipulated to Freedom & Feeling Appreciated with “the One”





How To Be & Stay Sexy, Attract
the Love & Attention You Deserve
Being Exactly Who You Are



Why do some women find attracting quality men so difficult, while others are practically drowning in potential suitors?

Allana Pratt explains that it’s because women attempt the impossible, being who they are told to be vs being exactly who they are. Our culture consistently gives women the impression that by behaving a certain way and offering men what society tells us these men want, women can secure a man who provides security, affection, and lasting companionship.

But no one can actually change their Soul’s essence, their heart’s Truth. And women who try to do so create an impression of insecurity and desperation that is inherently unattractive to other people, particularly those who might be potential partners.


It can often seem that the women who attract the most men are those who simply aren’t trying to be appealing at all.

That’s only half true, Allana explains. Those women aren’t trying to be appealing to men. They’re committed to be appealing to themselves. Men are attracted to the security, confidence, and inherent happiness that are the natural side effects of changing to please oneself.

In How to Be and Stay Sexy, Allana breaks down the psychological and emotional reasons for stopping the ultimate destructive cycle: trying to change to please a man, only to find that men still find you unappealing.

Exhale into your radiant feminine power as Allana shares how truly simple it is to be the one that wins his attention every time, with absolutely NO manipulation. JUST pure glorious luscious YOU.


Thriving Intimacy -
35 Days of Guided Mediations for Women


You know those days when you can’t stop spinning?

When am I going to meet The One?

OMG I can’t believe I’ve gained another 10 pounds.

He did WHAT again? Yet I’m terrified to be alone.

How am I going to ever pay off this debt?

Why didn’t he text me back, he just disappeared!

What did I do wrong? What’s wrong with me?


Do any of these sound familiar? Given we are vibrational creatures, our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our vibration… we literally feed the Universe with a recipe for what we DON’T WANT and wonder why our worse case scenarios keep coming true.

Ready to change that with ease?

We both know what you put in is what you get out… listening to ANY ofthese 35 Thriving Intimacy Guided Meditations will shift you from fear to love, overwhelm to calm, frantic to present, lack to abundance, not enough to delicious, doubtful to certain, feeling ugly to feeling like Beauty Herself.

My voice will soothe you and your whole body will exhale knowing you matter, you’re worthy and you’re more than enough. Let me love you ‘Home’ to your truest, best self and be a catalyst to your most amazing intimate relationship ever.


Embrace the Sacred Erotic YOU, Deepen Confidence, Ooze Sex Appeal & Enrich Your Relationships Guided Meditations


There is a certain level of letting go, reconnecting to our femininity, and awakening our erotic juices that is possible in a cement city.

However, when immersed in the moist lush jungles of Costa Rica, what’s possible is more than just connecting to the vibration of Mother Earth; it’s becoming one with her, unaware of where you end and She begins, aligning deeply with your radiance, confidence, and lusciousness, that magnetizes attention, affection, honor, and celebration of who you are with effortless ease, almost magic.


This 3 part meditation is sensual, sacred, erotic, potent, and will return you to the real YOU within minutes, in a lasting expanding way.




Meditation One:

Potent YOU

Self Confidence. Attempting to control life, determined to figure things out, trying to guarantee outcomes, disconnects us from our potent intuition and our inviting magnetism.


Feminine confidence is found in the letting go and returning to what’s true for you, deep awareness found inside a quiet mind.






Meditation Two:

Luscious YOU

Sex Appeal. Being at war with your body through verbal abuse, overwork, stress, or female competition extinguishes a woman’s erotic sacred connection to her sex appeal.


Coming home to the exquisite beauty, consciousness, and potency of your glorious body will awaken your erotic magnetism looking in the mirror, on dates, and making love.





Meditation Three:

Inviting YOU

Sacred Erotic Dating. We know what it’s like to spin in our heads doubting if we’re pretty, sexy, or desirable as we prepare for a night out with friends, a date, or you’re beloved of 20 yrs.


To be truly inviting and irresistible, it’s time to grant yourself permission to fully embrace the sacred erotic pleasures of being a woman who enjoys her delicious body.





How To Be A Noble Badass, Awaken
Your Masculine Grandeur & Claim the
Woman of Your Dreams



Year after year, I’m blown away by how phenomenal the men that I work with are. You know what I’m talking about — because you’re one of them. Men from around the world, just like you, who are courageous, heart-centered, willing to do the work, and prepared to get vulnerable. The world is calling for you to show up, but not power through, push harder, and use your willpower, because that just doesn’t work.

The world is calling you to feel your feelings … so you can heal them.

The world is calling for you to integrate your wounds into superpowers; to turn fear into fuel, panic into power, shame into compassion, regrets into gratitude.

The world is asking you to not just cognitively analyze, but to embody the truth: the very worst can bring out the very best in you. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud. That everything, (yes, even THAT thing), happened for you not against you.
The world is calling for you to show up, heart open as a noble badass, to protect those in need and provide your genius to awaken consciousness.

I honor you because you’ve already shown up just by choosing How To Be A Noble Badass! In these pages, I’m going to share with you something that another man can’t teach you. But, let’s be clear. I’m not saying I could hold a candle to a what a solid male mentor could provide in your life. Yet what I can offer you is an awakening of something in you that another man just isn’t wired to ignite — how to be a Noble Badass is the secret to getting a great woman to say Yes.

And this is only the beginning of what we can do together.


What I really hope to impart to you, and inspire in you, is the desire to stop seeking more accomplishments, more achievements, more security on the outside, or more appreciation or acknowledgments of being good enough. I invite you to BE who you already are, (yes, you’re already a Noble Badass). You can choose to experience Home in your body, exquisite Oneness with Life, and intimate communion with your Beloved.


Thriving Intimacy, 35 Days of
Guided Mediations for Men


You know those days when your mind can’t stop spinning?

When am I going to meet my woman?

OMG I can’t believe the size of my beer gut.

How am I going to ever pay off this debt? I’m so ashamed.

I keep snapping at the kids, just like my father did.

Why didn’t she want a 2nd date, why don’t women want me?

I know I’m addicted to porn, what’s wrong with me?


She did WHAT? Yet I don’t want her to use sex as a weapon again, so I’ll say nothing…

Do any of these sound familiar? Given we are vibrational creatures, our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our vibration… we literally feed the Universe with a recipe for what we DON’T WANT and wonder why our worst-case scenarios keep coming true.


Ready to change that with ease?

We both know what you put in is what you get out… listening to ANY of these 35 Thriving Intimacy Guided Meditations will shift you from fear to love, overwhelm to calm, frantic to present, lack to abundance, not enough to damn awesome, doubtful to certain, feeling washed up to feeling like Handsomeness Himself.


These meditations are mobile-friendly, easy to pop in before or after work, getting ready for a date, during your Morning Ritual, as you drive or go for a walk in nature… instantly opening your noble heart, upleveling your vibration, making you more coherent and aligned with the Divine and able to receive your dreams right into your lap!

My voice will soothe you and your whole body will exhale knowing you matter, you’re worthy and you’re more than enough. Let me love you ‘Home’ to your truest, best self and be a catalyst to your most amazing intimate relationship ever.


Discovering Lockdown Love


Valued at $


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert


Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically, and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship. Her vulnerability and courage landed her a featured weekly column on the GoodMenProject, she’s been chosen as an Icon of Influence, and featured as Guest Expert on Huffington Post, People Magazine, Forbes, CBS, ABC, FOX and The Jenny McCarthy Show. This Ivy League grad is the Author of 6 books, has interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette, and Hosts the edgy Podcast “Intimate Conversations” where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve. A certified coach with close to 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana was asked by Leeza Gibbons to coach her during Dancing with the Stars. While supporting several non profits, Allana launched HeartMates~ Become the One to Find the One~ A Dating App & Intimacy Training all rolled into one. She offers private and group coaching so that her clients have a thriving intimate relationship with themselves first, which naturally attracts and enhances their ideal partnerships.


What People Are Saying About Allana


“ I am now… experiencing more sensuality, connection and joy than ever before. Allana’s program allowed me to be open and receptive in my romantic relationships. It has taught me to discern and stay away from emotionally unavailable people and situations. I have learned to trust my instinct, to let the heart lead and to take care of my inner voice, my little Me. I am now in a thriving intimate relationship, speaking up for myself, not sweating the small stuff and experiencing more sensuality, connection and joy than ever before.”

-Virgina, Florida


“ Allana’s coaching has changed my life and I’m very grateful for her. Allana’s processes have shown me what was possible with loving myself. I’ve gained a new level of trust in the Universe, how I show up and how I’m caring for myself.  I chose to attract high quality women that operate from trust & love… and I have succeeded! Allana’s coaching has changed my life and I’m very grateful for her.”

-Juan, Florida


“ Allana Pratt is by far the best coach I and my partner have ever worked with because she models vulnerability, authenticity and non-judgment so artfully. My partner and I are facing truths and core issues individually that have evaded us for our entire adult lives and then bringing that healing lovingly to the relationship.  

I have worked with at least 15 or more therapists and coaches over my lifetime; without a doubt I do deeper, faster than with any other practitioner.  I trust Allana; her own vulnerability, honesty, playfulness and deep experience and intuitive skills makes it possible to uncover truths that have laid hidden and guarded my entire adult life. 

The work with my partner is profound because he is also in a deeply trusting, open, safe space.  I am sure we would not be together today without the work and without being held so artfully while we explore our most vulnerable places together.  We are each having profound new awareness of the core issues that block our intimacy with our selves (that we often blamed the other for).  We are finding that the separate work and then coming together is a game changer and we are each happier and more hopeful about every facet of our lives.

Allana is so balanced in her own masculine and feminine energies that makes so much possible in holding couples beautifully in brutally hard places.  If you are alone, if you are struggling inside a failing relationship or it you want to deepen intimacy with yourself, a partner or the world itself she has mad skills.  We travelled from a deep crisis to being closer today than ever before after just our first month of deep work.”

Donna M.


“How many times have you heard the term “life changing?” I, myself, have used it in the past to describe an incredible travel destination, piece of music, even major milestones and events in my life. Forget all you think you understand about what “life changing” truly means. In only a short period of time, Allana was able to completely resolve feelings of doubt, insecurity and anxiety. A weight was lifted that I didn’t even know existed. Allana provided more than confidence and healed the underlying strain in my relationship with myself.

There’s no way to put into words just what that means. It must be experienced not only to be believed, but also felt. There’s also no way to put a price on such an incredible gift. You may think that Allana will merely give you the tools to be able to work on making sure your path stays true.

The reality is that believing such doesn’t even begin to describe the highest level of insight you will gain and how easy it will be to consistently apply it in order to maintain the ability to not only face, but help alleviate the physical manifestations of fear, anxiety and doubts of self worth that block our ability to connect with those we love successfully. After working with Allana, you will never again question what “life changing” truly means.”

George D., New Jersey


“When I first heard Allana on a radio show, I immediately had an awareness that there would be something for me to garner from working with her. During our introductory call, again there was an inner knowing that continuing on with her was important and that the the AP Method Package would be the best fit. Despite my inner confidence, my brain was on a different wavelength–mostly freaking out about the financial investment as well as what could come from looking in all my hidden closets, dark corners, under rugs, etc. Did I really want to go there? Was my current life “good enough”? No, it wasn’t. I decided that the possibility of creating an extraordinary life would be worth the risks.

And now, in hindsight, I can honestly say I have no regrets in choosing to work with Allana and especially in choosing the AP Method. Not only did she guide me in breaking through the blocks I was aware of, but she discovered and addressed several other things that I was completely unaware were having such far-reaching detrimental effects on my life.

And there was laughter. Even the midst of serious, intense conversations the soothing balm of humor brought healing and lightness into my heart and soul. I have set down loads of baggage and claimed my prosperous, joyful, extraordinary life. If your inner knowing is saying “yes” like mine was, I hope you will listen.”

Kim, Connecticut


“I’ve been working with Allana for over 2 years and when I first started I was in a really dark place. I lost my soul mate suddenly and tragically. I had no idea how to dig out and I also realized I didn’t know who I was at all. It is hard to put into words what working with Allana has done for me. She has helped me always to find the good in the bad, find perspective, stop judging myself and to stop caring about what others think. She is teaching me to find my bliss in life, beauty in pain, to walk through the fire and see the magnificence on the other side. She has taught me to feel into situations. I am stronger and mentally much healthier now.

It is funny before working with her people said in a picture they could see no smile in my eyes and it is now there. She is so amazing that I actually got my mom to see her too.    Allana is so worth it. She will have your back, she is intuitive and to put it simply…she is the best. I tried traditional therapy and it made it worse. I needed help and someone to push me forward in a safe way full of love. She brought me back to the light. I have a lot of work to still do and healing too. But I’m excited about the future and not living in the past anymore.   Embrace the experience. I was nervous at first too and today can say it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”



“In the dark months before I worked with Allana Pratt, I had spent $3000+ on my therapist; was pressing my female friends to finally tell me what I was doing wrong / what was wrong with me.    I was 41 years old and had been generally unsuccessful with women since I was 13. And after 18, it just got worse — in all four years of college (in NYC!!!), I didn’t have a girlfriend or have sex once. Later, I was on Match on and off for fifteen years.   Within minutes into my 30 minute Skype consult with Allana, she figured things out my therapist of 4 years hadn’t – it was like I finally had met a specialist who could identify and possibly heal my mysterious and debilitating pains after years of inept generalists.   I bit the bullet and signed up for her program and let me tell you – IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Allana got inside, connected the dots, blew out the old patterns, asked questions my therapist had never thought of — eventually rewiring my entire sense of self that had gotten buried under self-doubt, years of rejections and family / childhood bullshit.     Fifteen days after my last session with Allana, I met an adorable blond girl at a party who within 3 weeks of knowing me, broke up with her live-in-boyfriend of 5 years to date me.

Recently, an old girlfriend confessed that her friends were now saying to her they thought I was ‘cute’ – something they had never said to her when we were together (even though I physically LOOKED the same) – she said my “aura of self pity” was gone and my posture wasn’t like I was at the ready to please the women before me.    Allana MAKES THE SPINNING STOP.       There’s a version of YOU you haven’t caught up with yet – and Allana is the guide to get you there. Ever see LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper? Allana Pratt is real-life version of the pill he takes.”

-David Kessler, Los Angeles

(p.s. David has since gotten married, written a screenplay that Johnny Depp bought and produced. Dave was invited to the premiere in Cannes.)









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Discovering Lockdown Love


Valued at $


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option