Anah Maa: Embracing the Divine Within



This is a transformational Series of recorded Sessions with Anah Maa that heal, restore and awaken the Greatness that is you!


Using Sound, Divine Love and Sacred Light, these Sessions will bring you back to the Light of Love within.


Embracing the Divine Within


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Embracing the Divine Within


MP3 #1:

The Healing Power of Love


In this first experiential, Anah Maa takes you deep into the Temple of Om, a sacred omnidimensional temple of Sacred Sound and Light where Divine Love and Divine Light bathes you, healing your body, mind, and spirit.


Delving deeply into the Heart of God where you are Loved you begin to experience that you, too, are truly Love.






MP3 #2:

The Transformational Power of Self Forgiveness


In this powerful session, Anah Maa takes you to the Great Cosmic Fire where you let go of and transcend your fears, doubts and places within where there may be unseen unforgiveness holding you hostage to the past.

Set yourself free!


Everything you ever dreamed of for your life is yours.

The Love, Peace and Joy you’ve been looking for is within you. Say Yes!




MP3 #3:

Awakening the Divine Within


You are a powerful Being of Light, of Love.

It is time to claim your Truth.

It is time to stand in the Light of Love as your Supreme Self.


Using the power of Sound, Light, and Infinite Love, Anah Maa takes you deep within, to the Divine Within.


During this 30 minutes of transformational journeying inward, you are invoking the Divine Within to come and play, to be felt, to be seen and to merge with your Consciousness so that you can live life as your Greatest Self.

The Divine is within you. It is you.


Actualizing the Master Within


4 Powerful Activations

MP3s with Transformative Sound/Music


MP3 #1:

Removing the Barriers to Being Your Divine Self


Allow yourself to receive the highest frequencies to delete, dissolve and transcend all the blocks that keep you from being in the Divine Flow of your Infinite Self.


In this Experiential, Anah Maa will take you through a process to Demagnetize your subconscious mind and re-inform it of your Divine Destiny so that your subconscious mind creates for you the life you Desire.


Transcendent Music by ~Ray~ will take you deep into your highest Consciousness and deep into your Divine Heart.



MP3 #2:

Returning Home to Your Divine Self

It is nearly impossible to take your consciousness to the highest level of awareness when there are hidden aspects of yourself that are disconnected and unseen.


In this Activation, we are bringing all the disowned hidden aspects of you back home, back into Love, so that you can realize your highest Divine Expression.

Welcoming all aspects of you into wholeness and well-being, you can receive the gifts, the energy, the wisdom that each experience, each Divine Aspect of you has to offer!

This Experiential is a powerful journey into Wholeness.


Music by ~Ray~ will take your into the Divine Sound as you journey Inward, into the Heart of the Beloved that is You.



MP3 #3:

Awakening the Master Within

Within you is the Divine Self, the Infinite Master. As a Divine Expression of the Beloved Source, you already have everything within you waiting there to be uncovered, discovered, recognized and realized.


Align your body, your mind and heart with Who you really are.

Awaken the Master Within…

Now is the time to Be all that you truly are.


With Meditative Music by ~Ray~



MP3 #4:

Uniting with the Beloved

Within the True Self is the Infinite, the Beloved, the Absolute.


When we surrender all that we are into the pure Heart of God, life begins to make a magical turn!

All that you ever hoped for, dreamed of, wished for, can become your now moment!

Experience the presence of Beloved Source and align with The Master Within!


Music by ~Ray~ is attuned to the heart Chakra


The Power of Self Love Series
with Anah Maa

The Power of Self Love Series

This wonderful four part series with Anah Maa brings you directly into the experience of true love, both human love and Divine Love. For You are both and at the same time a deeply human experiential being and also the Divine Atma, the One who carries the life force and image of the Divine Creator


Anah Maa’s loving voice and sound will guide you each step of the way as your own transformation takes place through the undeniable discovery that You are, in essence, pure LOVE



In this first MP3,

“Preparing the Way for Love” Anah Maa invites you to allow yourself to embrace your true authentic Self.

This is not so easy to accomplish with the many challenges, energy blocks and doubts that arise within.


Through the transformative power of Self Love, you will be able to energetically release the painful experiences of your past, the hurt-filled memories and illusions that keep you from realizing and remembering your True state of Being as a Divine and Infinite Being.


The gentle and compassionate voice of Anah Maa will encourage you as you open and prepare to meet Yourself, perhaps for the first time, as Pure Love.


Meditative Music by Ray tuned to the universal frequency of harmony at 432Hz



In this second MP3,

“Giving and Receiving Love” Anah Maa encourages you to use the empowering energy of Love as vibrational medicine.


To give yourself the opportunity to go beyond your old patterns, your own thoughts, your own beliefs to what is possible, and to receive the flow of grace which is the liberating energy of your Divine Consciousness.


All things are possible when you truly open the chambers of your heart to give and receive Love.




In this third offering,

“Sacred Love” Anah Maa guides you on an inward journey to remember and reunite with the Infinite Love, the Sacred Love, the embodiment of Love that you truly are. Sacred Love means to love Yourself as God.


As you open yourself to self love, you will realize that the Atma and the self are One, that the individual consciousness and Divine Consciousness are One.

It is here that you will begin to discover the true identity and depth of your Being as pure Bliss and Love.




In this fourth MP3,

“The Vibration of Sacred Love” you will experience how to bring your humanity into your Divinity and your Divinity into your humanity erasing the illusion of separation between You and your Infinite Self.

As this happens within you, blessings of miracles occur; joy, bliss, grace, brilliance, the illuminated mind and vibrant body can shine in this present moment.


Anah Maa will help you understand your own vibrational field and how every thought, every word, every action affects this vibrational field which goes out into the Universe into the very heart of God.

Preparation and Recommendations: Candles, incense, sacred sage, essential oils for anointing, creating sacred space, over the ear headphones.


Intention: To fully regain the realization of your true and authentic God-Realized Self


Remembering Your Divine
Magnificence Series with Anah Maa


4 MP3s plus 1 Bonus MP3
Experientials with Anah Maa


MP3 #1:

Clearing the Blocks that are Hidden from You


Did you know that 99% of all blocks are hidden?

Blocks are hiding in your DNA, hiding in your cellular memory, in your energy body. Blocks of unexpressed emotional energy that has for too long been suppressed, repressed and denied can be keeping you from the life you’ve wanted to have.


In this first session with Anah Maa you will release stuck, unproductive energies that have been weighing you down and holding you back.

Through the Sacred Sound and Vibrational Healing of Anah’s voice and activations, lifetimes of hidden blocks begin to dissolve, helping you become freer, happier and have more vitality than ever before!



Spring Sun Shining Through Canopy Of Tall Trees. Upper Branches Of Tree. Sunlight Through Green Tree Crown – Low Angle View.

MP3 #2:

The Power of Forgiveness

This is not what you think it is!

For far too long forgiveness has been wielded over our heads like a blunt weapon, making you ashamed that you haven’t forgiven someone yet, making you feel weak, wrong or bad that you haven’t “let go of the past” and moved on.

Many say you must forgive to be free… but isn’t there something missing?


In this session, Anah will take you into the true meaning of forgiveness and give you the key you’ve been missing.



MP3 #3:

Awakening Your Remembrance

You’ve heard many times that you are a soul having a human experience, but what does that really mean?

What does that feel like?

Who are you really?


In this session with Anah Maa, she will take you deep within to the core of your Divine Essence and unleash the life force of Love, Joy, and Infinite Grace that is your Soul!




MP3 #4:

Empowering Your Mastery

In this session, Anah Maa will bring it altogether experientially for you to take your Soul Awakening into your daily experiences Magically and with Grace and Ease.








MP3 #5:

Bonus Activation!

This 5th and final MP3 is a Bonus Activation of this Sacred Series with Anah Maa.








$250 Toward one Personal Session Or
$1,000 Toward the Three Month
Personal Sessions with Anah Maa


Includes: 8 Personal Sessions, Mentoring
and Daily Soul Level Support and Activations


Anah Maa is currently offering this intensive one-on-one Personalized Program tailored specifically to accelerate your evolutionary process, to help you achieve your greatest divine expression.








Embracing the Divine Within


Valued at $1593


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Anah Maa

Spiritual Awakening and Energy Transformation Practitioner


As an evolutionary teacher, speaker and author, Anah Maa travels the world as a messenger of Wisdom and Transformation empowering and awakening hearts to embrace their Divine Essence.

Anah Maa is the founder of The Ultimate Gift Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, is a Master Healer and Author of her autobiography, “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”.


What People Are Saying About Anah


I can only say this lady is the divine goddess, she is absolutely amazing. Transformed my life. She goes right into your heart and soul and shifts energies. I have healed more wounds around the feminine, and gone more into my heart centre and love, in three sessions with Anah Maa, than in all my other healing and training. See her now while she is still on this planet.

-Warren Black


My intuition told me to choose Anah Maa’s package over some of my other favorite presenters -and I am very glad I did! This program/package was so much more than I expected it to be!! This is true vibrational healing. I could immediately feel the effects at the core of my being, and they only got stronger as the program unfolded. And she is there with you, kind, wise and supportive, guiding you through the whole process. I highly recommend her for anyone who takes their spiritual awakening and their healing journey seriously. This is the real deal!”

-Lene, Norway


Guiding me to ME! Anah IS divine love and wisdom. I am so grateful for her guidance in helping me to see ME, blasting old paradigms and waking up to the real divinity that I am. My awakening experience is so new, unfamiliar in a way, and yet so “YES, this is home.” I now see my old self melting away from this world’s expectations that I had believed to be true, and that had imprisoned me. Anah knows the way to freedom. It’s beautiful. Thank you Anah, from the bottom of my heart.”

-Joy L.


I have traveled the world, from Brazil to New Zealand to Europe, working with many spiritual healers, but the peace and love received from Anah Maa was one of a kind. Her vibrant feminine energy restored my connection with my womanhood. She re-activated a part of me that had gotten confused in the hustle and bustle of the yang mindset society we live in. I feel the difference now after the work she did on my pineal gland able to live now in a space of more inner calm and to access universal energy easier to maintain my vibration high. Thank you Anah for sharing your amazing gifts.”

-Diana Dentinger, Inner Peace Parenting Magazine


I AM a Transformational Healer/Psychic. There certain people who have cultivated high frequencies empowering them to benefit their peers. They truly operate from multiple dimensions. Anah Maa is one of those glorious beings. In my last meeting with Anah Maa she uncovered an enabling side of me evidenced by symptoms of low energy and confusion. Through sound, gentle powerful words, and what felt like being in the hands of the Divine Mother/Father. I was not the only beneficiary of my return to clarity and energy restoration, my clients benefited as well. And my digestive tract was no longer irritated. There doesn’t seem to be any limitations to her gifts and abilities. Don’t walk to see Anah Maa, run! Blessings”

-Gregory C. Joseph


Visiting the Pure Besakih Mother Temple on Bali with Anah was an amazing experience. Since that day she’s been with me in my heart and in my mind.
Anah took me by the hand and showed me the key to open up the Gateway. We both were on other ends at this planet talking at Skype and we connected somewhere where our souls traveled together through the Universe and beyond, where time and space does not exist. To the Holy Temple of Light, the Divine Chrystal Chamber and the Pyramid.
Tele-experiences (by phone, Skype or online) are amazing, it is something you have to experience yourself. Anyone who’s been there will tell you, no words will ever be able to describe it. It is something that will shift your beliefs forever. My dearly beloved Anah, you are a great teacher, a great spiritual guide, an angel on earth. “You are so fun to play with,” you always say to me. I pray that God will let us play forever.”

-Michael Pilarczyk, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and Writer, Amsterdam, Europe


Anah was so generous to invite me to come to Bali to work with her. The place where we first met was magical, energies where floating around everywhere. I was very nervous to meet her but then she let me feel welcome and at ease with her. The second meeting we sat together for hours, we could talk without words and understand each other completely. I felt a lot of power with her.
Anah carries a magnificent power of love that if you would let it go through you will feel all kinds of beautiful things around you. You can travel the Universe with her. She is the person that you don’t have to be afraid of. You can become one with her. I have also met her husband, Ray, one of the most wise man I have ever met. She has also helped me heal my animals. My horse had an incurable illness on her leg and after Anah worked on her, then she became healthy again. Love,”

-Caroline Pilarczyk, Netherlands










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Embracing the Divine Within


Valued at $1593


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option