Beth Rachel: The Alchemy of Joy, the Andromedan Ruby Heart Codes and Constructive Play!

Beth Rachel

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The Alchemy of Joy, the
Andromedan Ruby Heart
Codes and Constructive Play!


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As the paradigm of win and lose begins to fall away on Earth there is a call for new games and new constructs through which to learn and create.


In this 4 week live series The Diamond Children, Isis, and the Andromedan Heart Collective team up to assist us in this transformation.


As we further liberate the vibration of joy and the full expansion of our winged hearts we have the ingredients we need to construct these new paradigms and make way for the future generation of humanity!


For thousands of years the shadow game of victim/victimizer has been a primary paradigm for Earth consciousness. As the age of transparency has begun this paradigm is beginning to lose it’s hold, making way for new games of creation.


With the new generation of children beginning to come in and many more waiting, holding the frequency of diamond transparency around the ethereal field of Earth there is less and less room for the old games to continue.


These new times, new paradigms call for the return of joy and constructive play as a basis for creation here.


These light-hearted frequencies allow for humanity to further unlock the codes of their light body and full expansion of their heart center.


Joy is one of the highest frequencies of the human experience, it has the ability to instantly transmute the frequencies of untruth, domination, and control.


To fully experience joy is to experience the full expression of the freedom of your soul and the desire of your heart. Now imagine this is the place where we interact, and create with others from.


When humans are fully in their joy the light body begins to emanate a golden plasma energy not unlike monatomic gold. As we continue to activate our joy codes we experience this plasma and the physical and mental enhancement of energy that come with it. From across the galaxy the Andromedan heart collective reignite the ruby heart codes within the human light body system.


These codes remind our DNA that our hearts are not limited by our physical form nor are they as vulnerable as the shadow have us believe.


This leads to the experience of wings unfurling and expanding, understanding truly there is no limit to love, joy or creation!


This course will be a combination of channeled guided visualization, light language channelings and activations, subconscious clearing, frequency downloads and imaginary creation play.


The last class will be a group Q and A and experience sharing. Those partaking are encouraged to look for new experiences throughout each week to feel their joy, heart’s desire and work constructively with others.

Allowing what brings joy, curiosity and wonder to be the compass for these experiences.


Taking note of your inner process around these experiences and journaling about them is encouraged. This is meant as an experiment in expanding the capacity for these experiences and is not “homework” but play!


Through this course: 

    • You will receive energy clearing on the past life, ancestral, and collective unconscious levels that are creating blocks or limits to your experience of Joy, love and play. 
    • You will receive light-code activations to ignite your crystalline DNA structure around joy, play, and love. 
    • You will receive healings for past ridicule, shame or blame for your authentic expression of self through play, love or joy! 
    • Release limitations and fears of “doing it wrong” in terms of how you create! 
    • An interactive example of constructive play through imaginative creation. 
    • Receive the ruby heart code activations and experience the full expansion of your wings. 
    • Feel the full expansion of your heart’s desire in every cell of your body without limitation!

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4-Week Live Course

Join Beth for a live 4-Week Course!





October 18th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET



The re-defining, re-awakening and re-claiming of joy!


Re-claiming the golden plasma that the experience of joy produces within and circulates around the human body. Clearing and releasing old traumas, programs and fears do to the Egyptian Anunnaki infiltration.


Through the support of the diamond children collective we will experience the re-activation of this human birthright to freely experience joy.

Week 2:The Andromedin
Ruby Heart Codes

October 25th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET


Allowing Isis and the Andromedin heart collective to come in and clear out the limitation and separation programs around our divinity as humans. Next, embracing the unique energy of the ruby heart.


This Andromedin technology is designed to strengthen the human heart, give it courage and protect it’s joy.


As this codes are delivered we will begin to experience a new found courage and strength in living from our desires and intuition, in following our heart and feeling the freedom of our joy.

Week 3:Constructive Play

November 1st at 5pm PT / 8pm ET



The diamond children re-enter to teach us about constructive play.

How do we play without competition, the construct of win and lose, jealously and exclusivity?


In come the diamond children to assist in the re-defining of play without distortion of victimization and separation.


How do we play without the ego attachment of the result and further defining of ourselves as…

Week 4:Exclusive BTO Q&A and Experience Sharing

November 8th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET





After integrating these activations and practices for a week we will come together for sharing and Q and A.

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Package B

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Private one-on-one session with Beth!


Working one on one: As each soul is a unique expression of source energy so are individual sessions.


Though sessions are unique the goal is the same, the calling home of your expanded self. Most sessions will include an energy reading, channelings from your spiritual team, an exploration of your soul, and shadow integration (see description).


Some sessions will also include light language transmissions and codes, tone clearing and genome activations.


Individual work is focused in three main portholes; unwind the mind, expand consciousness, soul embodiment.


Unwinding the mind involves detoxing the conscious and unconscious mind of distortions, limitations and separation programming. Integrating wounded parts and collecting soul fragments.


Expanding consciousness involves further clearing of distortions and activating your relationship with unity consciousness. Getting to know yourself on a soul level; discovering your galactic lineage and the unique gifts this brings to your soul. More deeply come to understand your soul choices up to this point in time.


Soul embodiment brings your souls unique codes of wisdom into the physical body. Aligning your original body genome with your soul codes and the Earth blueprint. Fully owning your unique presence within the oneness of this planetary experience.

    • The mind is often the most challenging porthole as it has been the stronghold for projected distortion and can bring up repressed trauma and pain to integrate.
    • The heart and emotional self are with us the entire journey. The heart and compassion were chosen to be the vibrational center of our collective consciousness on Earth. As we do our work we will align our hearts with the heart of mother Earth and the unity of all life here.

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Shadow Alchemist


Beth is here to support humanity in activating the original human genome and divine Earth blueprint. As a participant in the original planetary design and creation of the Earth she draws upon her soul and cellular memory to help guide humanity back into alignment. Much of her work is in lifting and integrating the veil between the conscious and unconscious collective human awareness and creating harmony between densities and higher frequencies.
In her private sessions Beth focuses on supporting lightworkers and starseeds to heal their individual traumas and distortions in order to fully integrate their gifts and abilities into the here and now. This work called shadow alchemy. Through the integration of her childhood traumas and wounds Beth experienced first- hand the power of shadow alchemy and its ability to unlock the full ability of spiritual growth.

After spending the first 15 years of her life as a soldier for the light Beth received an Earth grid activation that allowed her to reconstruct her soul warrior contract. Beth came into this life with the conscious agreement to step right into the thick of the darkness that has plagued Earth. As an emissary of light and a transmutter of darkness she made contracts with what today would be known as the “white hats” to her they were the LNA (lightworkers network alliance) and her primary contacts were members of her galactic family and inner earth healers. Beth’s genetic line was tracked since before birth for its human and galactic dna and psychic abilities. She was put into government secret programs, sexually trafficked and ritually abused from infancy.

Ultimately, the lesson she took away was “it’s not about winning!” It doesn’t matter if you play the dark side or the light, you’re still playing. Today it’s about stepping outside the frequency of war, good and evil, wrong or right and into unity and harmony. We are all divine and all have a unique and precious soul to share with this world.

Beth helps other individuals to heal from these wounds and embrace the beauty of their true self by restructuring the subconscious patterns of the mind that keep them limited and isolated. With advanced extra-sensory abilities, depth of perception, and experience with advanced beings, technologies and frequencies comes the unique gift of being able to quickly and aptly identify between different energy signatures. Whether it is a thought form, belief, being from a different dimension, timeline, or frequency Beth is able to get the clear details that are needed to communicate and integrate. It is for this reason that she is also an energy educator. In these times of great awakening we can all use support around fine-tuning and understanding our gifts. Beth is here for this.

As a primary Beth works directly with source energy and from the position of each of us being a spark of god. She has regular telepathic communications and receives channeled information from many masters and collectives. Some of her regular connections are the sirian, pleiadian, arcturian collective, the council of one, the inner earth high priestesses and council of elders, the diamond children and the Sophia Christ council. Beth also works with the spiral of oneness and the element of water.

She is the creator of Sacred Waters, a line of vibrational frequency essences to support the physical and emotional body in the process of spiritual evolution. Beth has cultivated the use of light language for some terms in an effort to shed current attachments and distortions being held in the human language.



“Beth easily connects to all dimensions, expertly navigating through timelines to aspects that are desiring to align with Soul Blueprint. She helped me discover aspects that were holding me back and did a healing to bring greater wholeness to my being. She shared insights on how I can reclaim my abilities and gave me a clear, simple approach to follow. She gave me a better understanding of my mission in this incarnation. As a path and possibilities opened up for me I felt huge relief during and after our initial session. Things that I’d been struggling with for a long time finally had an answer. I look forward to another session!! Blessings upon blessings, Beth.”

~ M.


“Beth is an extraordinarily talented intuitive channel, coach, energy worker, and healer. Prior to my session with Beth, I felt ungrounded because of a huge life transition, I was anxious from parenting a child with severe behavioral issues, I had moved to a new country and felt isolated and alone, and I was navigating challenging health issues. Beth held space in the most gentle and compassionate way while helping me to see, as well as clear, life long limiting energetic patterns. She taught me techniques, rituals, and practices to help me navigate grief, heal childhood wounding, and open my heart.

In a one hour session we were able to touch on everything, including the nutrition my body was desiring, strategies for my sleep, parenting practices to support my relationship with my son, how to open my heart to relationships, and more. After my session with Beth, I felt substantially more grounded, trusting of life, hopeful, and joyful. I highly recommend Beth and she will be my future choice for all intuitive coaching and healing sessions!”

~ Rebecca


“Beth is a gifted intuitive channeler, healer, and teacher. She aptly identified and cleared blocks and soul contracts impeding my ability to progress in my own spiritual healing/teaching work. At the beginning of the session I felt bound and by the end I felt freed. I would definitely work with Beth again.”

~ Michelle


“My session with Beth was wonderfully informative and deeply nourishing. Her capacity to hold the complexity of many elements of my life experience with compassion and breadth, while also tracking details and specifics, was remarkable. Her reflections helped me see patterns in a way that offered powerful leverage points for shifting my perspective and approach to daily life in a very practical way. Beth offered clear inquiries for me that have continued to offer insight and healing as I have worked with them over the last month. Also very powerful is her capacity to offer energy healings during the session that are potent and alchemical.

I appreciate the deep wisdom and bright energy Beth brings to her purposeful service path. Kyra Thank you so much Beth!! Working together has been one of the greatest gifts for growth, healing, and embodying my truth. The loving space you provided allowed for a powerful transformation of energy and consciousness. I hope to work together soon and I will recommend you to those who need high level spiritual, energetic, and emotional support. Your read on where I needed to be seen and held was spot on. It helped free me of so much old energy that was dragging me down. I feel more free and present since our work together. It’s a prayer answered!”

~ SH


“I was surprised at how quickly Beth was able to get to the heart of the matter that had been troubling me – she is highly intuitive and hones in quickly on the source of issues. I appreciate Beth’s direct communication style and her confidence in asking questions and guiding the conversation. Beth provided helpful suggestions for mental, spiritual, and lifestyle changes that I actually look forward to applying to my daily life, as well as the reset I needed to feel more at ease in my body and my thoughts.”

~ Sasha Nelson, Sebastopol


“I had wanted to do the session because I had been trying to improve and work through some really challenging behaviors with my son, and our relationship. Over the years, I had been taking many traditional, western approaches to the problem, but felt like there was something much more holistic and spiritually challenging for him that I wanted to get some clarity on. The session was great, and I already feel a big shift in my own being; feeling more resilient and at peace with the challenges, and having more faith in the future improving. I also feel a large shift in my nervous system, and a sense of feeling much more grounded. Beth provided a ton of specific ideas of things to try to help him, both physically and spiritually. And I feel like I have a more focused plan of how to guide him, using some tools I had heard of, and other ideas that were new and make intuitive sense to try. I definitely recommend working with Beth to help get clarity, deeper understanding, and healing to return to a place of peace. Thanks!”

~ Dia 




Beth Rachel

Get a one-on-one with Beth!


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