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Are you ready to call in a relationship that is drama free and allows you to truly be yourself?

Do you want an aligned match with someone who gets you on every level?

Do you long for a relationship that is easy, comforting and fun?


Maybe you’ve only known relationships with conflict, drama, chaos, codependency, narcissism and fighting.

Maybe you’ve been burned and just maybe, you’re a little bit jaded.

Maybe you don’t even know what a compatible relationship is!


And that’s why you’re single.

And when you do venture out to date, you get:

  1. Someone who is attracted to you and you’re feeling a whole lot of meh.
  2. You’re really attracted to them and they are disappearing after two dates.


What if there is a way to attract and call in your truly aligned match?

Get the support, energetic alignment and shifts you need to start making this a reality!


True Love Alignment + Activation Package includes two options:

Package A:

8 life changing audio healing and activation mp3s created to direct your energy towards bringing your truly aligned mate into your life.

If there is energy that needs to be aligned …

If there is energy that needs to be cleared …

If there are messages that you need to hear …

The Source energy within these audios will intelligently and intuitively work with your energy field to bring about your greatest desires for love.


Package B:

Everything in Package A AND a paradigm shifting 45 minute 1:1 session with Eleanor Healy, Love Mystic & Psychic Coach

Get ready for a powerful package to align you with the kind of love that fosters harmony, compatibility, deep understanding and connection: plus fun times together!


Package A



Package B



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Truly Me


This audio healing is meant to fully integrate you with your Higher Self, so that you can show up for your partner from your wholeness.


You will still be in your human form, but you will make choices, communicate and show your love from a place of your highest wisdom.


This works whether you are currently searching for your mate or after you have met them: reduce conflict, create more harmony and be yourself more freely with your mate and in your day to day life with this powerful alignment.




Truly Clear


This audio healing and activation brings you into true clarity about your life, yourself and any divine actions you need to take to create the life of your dreams with your mate.


If you’ve ever been confused about any aspect of your love life or lack thereof, this audio will bring the situation into focus. We have been taught not to ask questions and to silently have faith and trust.


Take this energetic healing activation journey to reveal the hidden mysteries of your love path so you have all the clarity you need to make your highest choices.

With the power to choose and the clarity to see the bigger picture, nothing will hold you back from having the love you are meant to have.


Truly Vibing


This powerful energetic activation will calibrate your energy field to vibrate at a higher frequency of love. Leave your old resonance behind and rise up to the highest level.


The more you can raise your vibration, the sooner you can have this kind of elevated love relationship with your mate.

The reason you’ve been attracting the same type of relationship over and over again is that you are still operating within the same energy resonance field.


This activation will help you become the higher vibration so that you can share the love vibration of your perfect mate.




Truly Magnetic




This life changing activation will alchemize your energy field so that it becomes a sparkling magnet for higher love.


You will broadcast your essence to your mate and powerfully draw them into your experience in the physical form.


This isn’t just about creating energetic alignment with your mate, this is about bringing them to you, face to face.





Truly Receive


When you are shut down or contracted you are unable to receive the more aligned and evolved experience of a perfect mate for you.


Once your energy channels are opened up to this newer vibration, you’ll automatically open up to Universal opportunities for an aligned mate.


This audio activation will open up the channels of receiving so that you can truly receive your mate on all levels: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and energetically.




Reveal My Destiny



Your chronic struggles are a gateway to what you are meant to do in this life. The problem was that you were stuck in the struggle; you are ready to get unstuck!


This powerful audio is encoded with healing energy to activate your highest destiny and clear anything in the way of you moving towards your purpose.


Take this soothing journey into the depths of your soul to reveal what has always been waiting for you. Now is the time to step into your potential and start living it!




Heart Opening for
Soul Community


You are not meant to live in isolation.

You are meant to be connected with your Soul Community so you can share and support one another and fulfill your destiny.


All the years of feeling like an outsider have come to an end. This new paradigm is ushering in a collaborative, collective experience with our like-hearted souls.


This recording will amplify your energy out into the Universe to call upon those who are meant to live with you in community and be your friends and loved ones.




Moving from Impatience
to Sacred Acceptance


There is a fine line between being driven in your spiritual goals with the intention of improving yourself and accepting what is.


Acceptance is the still point for actual transformation. We need to be able to assess and accept where we are with radical openness and honesty, so we can springboard off that into higher potential.


This healing audio will help balance any pushing, efforting or striving energy and smooth it into flowing, rushing waves of energy.






Please note: all recordings need to be listened to in order and giving yourself at least 1 week in between listening to fully integrate the energy and healing.

Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.



Package A


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Package B

45 Minute 1-on-1 Session
with Eleanor Healy


Eleanor Healy, Love Mystic & Psychic Coach, who has worked with hundreds of clients around the world, also came by this work honestly as she suffered through years of highly dysfunctional relationships and long periods of isolation.


She finally broke through firmly entrenched and chaotic relationship patterns to be with her truly aligned mate and love of her life!



  • A big breakthrough in clarity and awareness of your own patterns, wounds and trauma around relationships
  • A personal clearing and reset of your energy
  • Specifically aligned practical actions that will set you on a whole new path of possibilities for love and finding your perfect mate
  • Are you ready to make this the year you break your cycle of being alone or stuck in chaotic, incompatible relationships?


Package B


Valued at $784

Sold Out

 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option


ABOUT Eleanor Healy

Intuitive Love Coach


As a Love Mystic and Psychic Coach, Eleanor Healy helps dynamic, self-aware souls find a loving, compatible relationship, even if they’re not confident in the arena of love.

Eleanor uses her sharply accurate psychic and healing abilities to help you AND she transformed her own deeply ingrained patterns that kept her trapped in painfully dysfunctional relationships followed by years of feeling desperately isolated and lonely.

She struggled for decades with chronic anxiety and other debilitating physical symptoms, all the while, feeling deeply unloveable.

Her commitment to healing and her persistent faith that despite it all she could figure this out, allowed her to overcome these seemingly impossible conditions. She is now with her forever mate and feels more and more blessed every day!

If you’re ready to have this kind of love and shift the paradigm of separation, remember this: YOU’VE FOUND YOURSELF, NOW IT’S TIME TO FIND YOUR MATE.




“If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Eleanor is truly a special person to work with. She has finely tuned her abilities in order to give all her clients a personalized experience and I feel she does her work with incredible detail. Eleanor helped me release A LOT of tension and negative/stagnant energy I was holding within and after our two sessions together, I am feeling more happy and hopeful for a bright future. Eleanor is able to look deep within and help you discover a more true sense of self, I absolutely recommend her! Thank you so much, Eleanor, I am truly grateful for the guidance you provided”

-Jesenia Vera, USA


“My session and five-day challenge with Eleanor have already yielded healing and major shifting with my mindset and old, negative beliefs/patterns…she has created a powerful technology for anyone who is ready to bring in the relationship of their dreams!!!”

-Amrita Raven Muehlgay, USA


“Life altering as she gets to the root (literally) of your mental/emotional/physical issues and releases them! Truly gifted in many ways~ I highly recommend a session with Eleanor as she has connected the dots as no other could! Thank you Eleanor”

-Hope Konell Lockhart, USA


“Eleanor is SPOT ON! Her intuitive wisdom has transformed my life on so many levels. Her wisdom, whether to alert me of a block or to give me encouragement, is always precisely what I need to know to feel supported to take the next step forward into saying Yes to a life led by my True Self. I am so thankful for her loving guidance.”

-Joy Benson, USA


“I have been working with Eleanor on and off for over a year and the shifts in me that have resulted from her work have not only been profound, but lasting. Eleanor has an intuitive ability to see the blindspots, and once awareness is brought one can only but rise up in one’s truth and integrity. I cannot recommend her work enough, especially her anxiety program and one-on-one sessions regarding relationships. She has gifted me with remembering who I am and I am deeply grateful. May you and your work grow Eleanor, as you shine your light onto this world.”

-Angeline E, Namibia










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