Elizabeth Wood

Year-long interaction with Elizabeth!

$147 BUY NOW

Elizabeth Wood

Year-long interaction with Elizabeth!

$147 BUY NOW

The Golden Age
Starts with YOU!


We’re acclimating to something entirely new and unprecedented. Who could expect less from planet Earth and her amazing inhabitants? We haven’t fully realized what has happened to our consciousness yet.


We are becoming something new – Homo Luminous – but in order to do this we have to understand how the reality we were once in has changed and what’s available now.


In this package I offer myself as a way-shower to aid you in discovering what you want from a Soul level. I offer advanced concepts in mysticism that come from a lineage of teachers and techniques.


These concepts are meant to help you shift out of the personal self and into the Universal self. I’d like to navigate the Dimensions of Consciousness with you and discover more together as we orient ourselves to this new place we’re in.


It’s my true joy to give you a tour of the reality of the Universe as I know it, find your Soul Skills, and learn more in the process. Earth has brought us closer to the highest Dimensions of Light. It’s time to c0-create with her the next Golden Age!

Creating the Golden Age


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ITEM 1:The 94 Ancient Templates
of Wisdom

Friends, everal years ago I was given insight into the most profound wisdom regarding our DNA and history – the 94 Ancient Templates of Wisdom. At the beginning of this experiment in consciousness, we didn’t start out with a blank slate.


We received the wisdom of our galactic ancestors as a homecoming gift – but these aspects of wisdom came from their experience and trauma, not universal wisdom.


These universal templates of wisdom were embedded into our human DNA experience. We’ve played with, learned from, and used each of these Ancient Templates of Wisdom for eons. To understand them is to understand the foundation of wisdom we’ll use to build the New Paradigm.


Beyond them are other skill sets and more wisdom to be had come straight from the Universe. I spent several months working to describe the nature and energy of each and every of the 94 Templates.


How to use these classes? Listen and ask “how does this feel in my body?” while tracking where your body reacts, how it feels, and what you might see. Then, once you’re done, do a Heart Command – “Dear Heart, I fully welcome the wisdom of this Template. Please erase it and replace it with the Universal Template NOW.” Breathe. And that’s it!


I hope you’ll dive into this body of work and enjoy its utility and light while dissolving any trauma, and knowledge around this trauma, for the benefit of your journey.

ITEM 2:Navigating the Dimensions of
Consciousness Part 1 & 2

New Earth is within. We are being called to not just merge with the Universe outside of us, but equally so the inner realms. These are the Dimensions of Consciousness.


In first part of this class duo I’ll show you how to:

    • Understand the Dimensions of Consciousness in a simple way
    • Effectively use the body to help you feel Dimensions
    • Know what to expect or not expect in the Dimensions


In our next class part two we will go even deeper to understand the Roadmaps through Dimensions. You’ll learn:

    • The complex experimental nature of the Dimensions
    • A multitude of ways to utilize and grow from the Dimensions
    • Points of discord and cognitive dissonance pitfalls


The more we embody and navigate the Dimensions, the more we shed the personal self. This is the evolution of human consciousness. As proven through history, your creations and ideas resonate through all Consciousness. I look forward to giving you a tour of the Dimensions of Consciousness from my experience and the experiences of my teachers.

ITEM 3:Dissolving Cultural
Conditioning Part 1 & 2

We’re being asked to work on any structures within us that continue to feed the personal ego. One of the most subtle frameworks that supports the personal ego is our cultural conditioning. This is something that has several parts to it – what we inherited, what we learned, and what we focus on.


In this class duo, I will help you use anthropological and mystical concepts to clear your subconscious and conscious bias, blocks and programming around the subjective experience of being you.


More so, it’s incredibly important that you consider your own experience as equally important to other perspectives, without it being more important.


This is a delicate and narrow path out of the worthlessness/arrogance dynamic we are often trapped in.


In the first class you’ll learn: 

    • How to understand the subjective and objective experience, and value both
    • What the structures of cultural conditioning are so you can identify them
    • How to begin dissolving what you inherited from your ancestors


In the second class you’ll learn:

    • To determine what you’ve learned about reality, and what feeds the personal ego 
    • Using the power of your focus to optimize your continued objective state
    • Dealing with mental and emotional programming in a practical way


I look forward to sharing this special set of concepts that has helped me attain complete non-judgement and a deep universal compassion for all beings. As we move forward to build a new experiment in consciousness, we have a special chance to use these precious energies to serve our evolution.


The more clear and fully aware we are of our programming, the more we are liberated!

ITEM 4:Body Oracle - Finding
Answers Inside Yourself

We are taught explicitly to find answers outside ourselves. Even the adage “just Google it” shows us how little we know about inner discernment.


This leads to long years of searching for answers from other people and other sources outside the self. However, we know that nothing is outside the self as the ancient teachings have pointed out.


In new methodology you will learn how:

    • Understanding cultural elements, the creative human factor, can benefit you in deep self-inquiry
    • Elements of culture and the body work together to give you clarity
    • Listening to the 3 Minds systematically is our natural guidance system
    • To use tools to unblock your self-judgement and negative programming that cause you to look for answers outside the self 
    • And much more!


My intent is to aid you in using the magnificent body, the DNA, and the Soul to utilize the beautiful clarity available now. No other time on Earth has cultivated such possibilities for clarification of the self and human kind.


Now you can truly trust yourself to be and know the answers you seek!

ITEM 5:3 Class Choice Pass -
Access to 3 Classes of Your Choice

Either live this year, or any class Elizabeth has ever taught

I’ll be teaching many classes this year that will be relevant to the new playing field of light we are in. I’d love to support you with a buffet of choices!


I’ve taught many hundreds of classes, most of which aren’t necessarily available regularly. You can use this 3 Class Choice Pass via email with me to either get access to 3 older classes that will benefit you (and we can decide that together via email), or to get access to 3 live classes this year that appeal to you.


This is good for one year, and I hope you’ll dive right into the myriad of beneficial info at your fingertips!

ITEM 6:One Year Subscription to
Monthly Community Call


Gather with a group of awakened individuals for a special experience.


Each month we will gather for two hours to share, be heard, express intentions, and focus our spiritual energy. When we gather as human beings we have great power!


We build a Pillar of Light to serve humanity and Earth together. This is intended to be a community networking and spiritual focus where we can share ideas, projects, hopes and dreams for a New Earth!


LIVE on YouTube & replays available!

BONUS 1:25% off One-on-One Hour
Session with Elizabeth

Friends, I offer you a discount on a one on one hour session with me, one per person. Being truly seen without judgment is a magnificent gift which is difficult to find.


In a one hour session we can cover many things including:

    • Grounding concepts and light in the body.
    • Using the body more effectively to serve you and your skill sets.
    • Discernment and spiritual mastery using the brain, heart and gut.
    • Healing yourself spiritually and physically.
    • Commanding the heart to dissolve illness, ego, pain, blockages and heal DNA.
    • Understanding the fields of limitation imposed on us and exactly how to walk out of them.
    • Practically implement ways to be more limitless daily.
    • Dissolving dark or dense energy in the body and spirit in particular, practical ways.
    • Understanding how one might be leaking energy and how to end it.
    • Identifying the reasons for suffering and how to dissolve them and the obstacles they contain.


These frameworks of thinking that I teach automatically connect you to a higher field of light. They are unique mindsets around life. I’m offering the scientific and spiritual framework to be able to see your life situation clearly, be able to assess where you are at and where you want to be, and receive personalized tools that can help along the way.


Personalized tools can include ways to open the 3rd Eye, ways to hone soul skill sets, how to do greater and deeper business, effective ways to create businesses, and having more clarity about personal health. In the future you will constantly be able to assess your own progress and map out your own results using a better framework of thinking. You can be your own spiritual scientist!


Join me and let’s get to work dissolving obstacles and bringing in more light!

BONUS 2:Music from Bioluminescent




My husband is a brilliant musician and has offered some bonus meditation music that I absolutely love for you!


Landscapes of sound to heal your soul –
we hope you enjoy!

Creating the Golden Age


Valued over $1,000


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option

Elizabeth WoodAbout Elizabeth Wood

Seer and Medical Intuitive


Considered an advanced seer, Elizabeth Wood works on the cutting edge of galactic and quantum anthropology, trauma healing and futurism. With her lifelong ability to see into and work with all dimensions, her theoretical and psychic work has helped people all over the world. Called “Living Library and Oracle”, Elizabeth has spent her whole life studying anthropological theory, quantum physics, ancient and modern medicine. She has two science degrees, including a Masters in Applied Anthropology. Her philosophies and practices bridge science and spirituality to support real change in the world.

What People Are Saying
About Elizabeth


“I’m so excited! Elizabeth, you really spoke my language and really hit on many areas that needed healing, yet were difficult for me to pinpoint. Of all the work I have done, it seems I still had the shells around my body around my heart not letting people in…. I’m so glad they are dissolved! Each area of healing you chose really resonate with me! One week after your healing templates: I am feeling more happy, I am singing, I am loving myself and talking to myself in the mirror hahaha… I feel much more clear on what I want, and less afraid to exert authority when situations at work arise. I finally got my butt up to get some exercise in, I am practicing doing things that I’m not ‘comfortable’ doing! I felt myself stepping out into new territory. I went out on a ‘date’ and I was very open, very myself, and not afraid to express!!! That was new for me! Thank you so much for acknowledging all these parts of me through your work. Thank you for the healing. I’m so excited to continue working with you!” In Love and Light!

~Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac, CEO/ Lead Physician


“Elizabeth is in incredible seer and teacher. I am so very grateful for her and our session together. I feel more balanced than ever. Even though I have been an energy healer for over 20 years, there was something still blocking me from doing what I came here to do to share with the world. Now I do not have to work so hard to bring in the light through my body. There is a large column of light with me all the time. Since our session my prosperity has picked up. My artwork is selling better. In addition since my time with Elizabeth after just one session, I am moving forward with writing books which I had had blocks with before. My life is flowing better each and every day as my intuition is clearer than before. Her teaching has brought me joy and a clearer understanding of my body and the world beyond. My life has also had much more synchronicity. I look forward to learning much more from Elizabeth in the near future. Thank you Elizabeth! I am blessed with you in my life.”

~ Catherine, Artist, Creativity Coach, Energy Healer, Author


“Working with Elisabeth has been a life changer for me. She has a rare gift, the ability to connect with source and help facilitate the embodiment of our true nature. She is kind, loving and refreshingly truthful. She has helped me to remember what is most important in life.”

~Leo McFee, Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Sun Academy


“The benefit from this work is ever-unfolding. A remote 3 Minds session and basic tune-up with Elizabeth has made me feel like I’ve lost ten pounds. There’s been a definite energetic shift, as if some old structure has fallen away, allowing me to feel more present in the day to day of my life. It’s such a gift. The Gut Mind – well, I hadn’t been able to quite see it, but now I feel the body in a new and exciting way. I love your voice, so genuinely comforting. I love you Elizabeth for the amazing courage you have.”

~Fay Hart, Life Coach


“My session with Elizabeth was extraordinary – very healing, empowering, educational, and fun! As Elizabeth went through my chakras, the stuck, false beliefs and ‘programs’ she found were issues I had been trying to heal for decades. She walked me through how to clear and transform them – teaching me the steps so that I have them to use in clearing other energies / issues throughout my life. I learned more about how to use the Ancient templates and received new ones. We also opened up my 3rd eye more and Elizabeth taught me ways to further my seeing. She helped me better understand energy and the spiritual world and answered some life long questions I’ve had. Elizabeth gave me ‘spot on’ nutritional suggestions and taught me simple practices supporting greater ease with manifesting. All this in just one session – amazing!! I’m sooo grateful – thank you Elizabeth!!!”

~ Linda, in Oregon


“Clearing the root of an issue instead of just peeling the seemingly never ending layers of it is really the way to go for quick transformation. Teaching how we can do it ourselves has immeasurable value. As my mind races ahead and thinks of the possibilities this process holds for everyone is – huge! Thank you for the Divine work you do and for the bright light you hold in the world. Ah, so young and already so wise especially conquering the ego! REMARKABLE.”

~ Gizel


“First of all, I had to wait a few days after my session with Elizabeth before writing this to make sure I wasn’t having a placebo moment. Hands down, this is the best program I have invested in thus far and believe me when I tell you have I bought many programs from “healers & holistic practitioners” since I embarked on my spiritual journey in 2010. The templates are lifetime tools I suppose but what I know have changed my life for the better is that 60 minutes with one of the most authentic being I have ever encountered in my life. I called her phone number not expecting anything, honestly I only called because I had already bought the package but I was home sick and just didn’t feel like being bothered. I mustered up my strength and decided to put on an act just to get through this 60 minutes with someone who I had only heard on a telesummit call once. As soon as she got on the call, I instantly knew something good was in store. Her voice was very warm and compassionate. She was very bubbly and kind, she was funny…she made me laugh and about 15 minutes in the call, I started feeling better from head to toe. She took me on a process and taught me a simple tool that I can use whenever. She even told me a story that connected with me at soul level. She told me things about my past that I already knew was true and I was amazed at how gifted and original she was. Ain’t nothing normal about Elizabeth or her gifts. She is a true Seer in every sense of the word. Her healing powers are authentic because right now for someone with bronchial pneumonia, I only took the medication prescribed for one day and I had an allergic reaction but I am feeling at least 90 % better only one day after my session. I am currently using her healing template along with the tool she guided me through and my body is at ease, grace and joy. I feel good! I was supposed to be on sick leave from work for 3 days but I am on my way to work. Elizabeth is the real deal and these templates get the job done at a very fast pace. Thanks a lot for stepping into your power and doing the damn thing as awesome as you do.”





Elizabeth Wood

Year-long interaction with Elizabeth!

$147 BUY NOW

Elizabeth Wood

Year-long interaction with Elizabeth!

$147 BUY NOW


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, just contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

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Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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Creating the Golden Age


Valued over $1,000


Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option