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Angelic Freedom

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Every day we face challenges and as spiritual as we’d like to consider ourselves to be, it can be a little tough to keep it all together!


I’ll show you how to take back your power and rise to any occasion with your head held high.

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ITEM 1: 30 minute private session

Your Angels lovingly wait to assist you!


They eagerly provide guidance in all areas of your life for your highest potential and best interest. They don’t judge or criticize; they only want you to be happy. God sees you and your life as perfect, but when you don’t, he sends the Angels, “Messengers of God”, to comfort and guide with loving messages!


I offer a safe haven for people who want to receive communication from the angelic realm. I deliver messages from your loved ones and Angels to the very best of my ability in a respectful manner without judgment or criticism.


Everyone is welcome. I work with people of all ages, races, religious beliefs and backgrounds.

ITEM 2: Michael Introduction
and Night Introduction


If you’ve ever lain awake in bed with your mind racing and unable to stop, you’ve experienced what’s called “Monkey Mind”! The endless cycle of thoughts, worries or to-do lists prevent crucial sleep from even the most tired of people.


I was desperate for sound sleep. I was becoming irritable and anxious and definitely not the wife or Mom I wanted to be. I tried over-the-counter medications, allergy pills, and even prescriptions.


It wasn’t until I called on my dear friend, Archangel Michael, for help that I was able to release, relax and sleep. As he led the way, I learned you can actually train your brain to “worry dump” at a specific time and I’ll show you how!


In this meditation, Archangel Michael clears away the days’ chaos and subtle energies plaguing us when it’s time for respite.


He lets us know it’s safe for us to release and surrender these worries and he quickly takes them away. And since Michael is the angel of protection, he stands guard over you, your residence, your family, etc., and allows new emotions of confidence and peace to fill you completely.


Listen to this meditation nightly to improve your sleep quickly and effectively!

ITEM 3: Raphael Introduction
and Meditation



Known as the Angel of Health and Healing, Raphael guides healers and the rest of us to a healthier mind, body and spirit.


If you’ve ever wondered what the root of your back pain was or why your knees hurt, this meditation facilitates a meeting with your mind, body and the angels.


Release the trapped emotions and trauma or learn the lessons involved to quickly relieve aches and pains with the help of your angels!

ITEM 4: Bring Forth the Light and Love



Raise your consciousness as high as you can go – to Oneness with God. In this beautiful meditation, Kourtney guides you in relaxing the body, calming your breathing, and activating your chakra energy centers.


Now that you are ready, the angels, shining forth bright divine light, assist you to receive this divine heavenly light within, and send it out, to light the whole world in service to all.


In this deep expression of love, wisdom, strength and internal truth, know God is working in you and all the good that our love and light bring.

ITEM 5: Guide to your Angels



A chart of the archangels with their names, identifying traits and information on who to call on for daily issues! The good news is they don’t need a formal invocation.


Simply ask your angels, “Archangel Raphael, please help me find my lost pet and keep him safe until we quickly unite. Thank you!”


These requests can be made aloud or in your mind at any time of day. And if you forget their name, use this chart to help you learn them or simply call out, “Angels!” and they are immediately there to help!

ITEM 6:1 month Membership in Kourtney’s
Soul Family Group

You will interact Live with Kourtney on Facebook
and receive mini-readings.


Kourtney loves her Soul Family and is very active with members of this group!

Most importantly, being a member of the Soul Family group provides you an invaluable opportunity to interact, share and learn with Kourtney, your Angels and other like-minded people! Holding ourselves accountable and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people is essential to maintaining a high vibration and living in 5D consciousness!


Soul Family Membership includes:

    • 1 month membership to Kourtney’s Soul Family group
    • 1 monthly call with free mini readings and angel forecast
    • 1 monthly class for half price
    • 1 month access to reduced rate readings
    • 1 month access to Free recorded classes and meditations
    • Weekly videos Kourtney shares intuition tips, meet the angels, etc.
    • Community of like-minded people networking and sharing interests


Additional Description: https://kourtneylevens.com/soul-family/

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Package B

Includes all of Package A PLUS

ITEM 7: Clairs Bundle:
Learn your Dominant
Communication Style

Did you know that you have angels around you right now, and more than likely, they’re trying to talk to you, trying to send you a message?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear your angels or to know what it is they’re saying maybe even wonder what it was when you heard your name called, as you were waking up?


It’s my belief that we all have the natural birthright and ability to be able to communicate with our guides and our angels who are watching over us and helping us.

They love you, and they want nothing more than for you to live a life, filled with joy and filled with blood.


So join me as we go on this journey where I’m going to walk you through how to strengthen your communication style, how to hear and feel sense and see your angels even better.


We’re going to use practical exercises that you can incorporate daily to help you to discern when your angels are speaking to you.  Receive messages louder and more clearly.


Join me for this journey on learning your natural communication style.


Bundle includes:

    • Series of 10 audios/videos from Kourtney guiding you through the Clairs and reaching your Angels.

BONUS:Angel Journal:
A Daily guide for Journaling the
messages from your Angels




This Angel journal outlines the steps and provides a workbook for you to track your progress!


You’ll receive daily prompts to help you track your angel messages and review all of the details.

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 Pay Now or Choose Our 2-Payment Option

Kourtney LevensABOUT Kourtney Levens

Spirit Channel


Kourtney Levens is an Angel Communicator, Spirit Advisor, Psychic Medium and popular guest speaker and teacher. She is the founder and instructor of the Spirit Whisperer Certification® program. To her clients and students, “Kourtney is an Angel” and nothing short of amazing!

Kourtney has the profound ability to talk with your guardian Angels, spirit guides and loved ones in heaven.

She has highly developed gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). As a communicator and a teacher she uses these gifts to help others receive messages and guidance from the angelic realms.

Kourtney offers personal and group readings, as well as many classes, meditations and tools to help her students to recognize and develop their own natural intuitive gifts to communicate with Spirit.

ABOUT Kourtney


“Yes, I sincerely enjoyed the session and can hardly wait to schedule another session with you because there is so much more I need to ask you. I felt that you really connected with me, which is a rare experience for me when it comes to psychics. Thank you so much for the coupon because without it, I wouldn’t be able to book another session.  I will definitely recommend family and friends to you! Blessings.”



“I called Kourtney for support and clarity and WOW was that a great idea! Firstly, she is entirely delightful and completely present. Her connection to the angels is so strong I could actually feel it. When I asked for help with a health issue, I could feel shivers throughout my body and waves of energy. 30 minutes later, I still feel shifts physically.I definitely received a profound physical healing through her! There is so much love and support pouring through her voice. I could listen to her forever:)
I had a very upsetting thing to talk to her about, and just realized I am no longer upset about it. I know what to do and I KNOW it will resolve positively. This angel/woman is a treasure beyond price. She not only provides information and loving support, but, with the backing of her angel team she works with she facilitates truly changing life to a higher outcome. I LOVE her. Give yourself this gift!”

-Trinity Thomas 


“Thank you so much Kourtney! Yes I enjoyed speaking to you very much yesterday. Bless you. I felt so much hope and clarify from your fantastic Angelic kindness, wisdom, patience, insights, compassion, humor and so much more. It was very healing. I loved the promotion from youwealthrevolution.com. Yes one hour session promotions would be great too in the future. Thank you so much for the coupon code. I will share this with my holistically open-minded friends and tell them about my wonderful session yesterday with you. I will update you regarding my session. Thank you again. I found this picture of the Healing Diamond and remembered that you told me wisely about The Diamond Energy.  Wonderful Angel Blessings to You Too.”



“It was such a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for a lovely and insightful session. I got a tonne out of the 15 minute session. You answered questions I had on my mind but I had not articulated to you. It confirmed many things for me including that Archangel Michael is often with me, as I do see him and feel him next to me. It gave me clarity on what I need to do and on what fears and shadows I need to work on. I felt there was a lot of symbolism in many things you were shown that had an even more profound meaning than I first thought.  Thank you again once again! With much love and light.”

-Paola xo


“Loved the reading. It was a lot of information packed into a short time. Definitely gave me some direction that I was looking for and validated things about which I have been thinking. Gave me a sense of calm.  Love love love Kourtney’s energy. I am looking forward to doing a longer session down the road. Namaste.”

-Marian Nardozzi




Kourtney Levens

Angel reading with Kourtney


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