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Blue Soul Earth® founders Renee & Anthony ignite the human potential by teaching and speaking about heart-centered living and mind/body balance. They channel ancient wisdom and lead spiritual retreats around the world.


They channel the Ascended Masters, Seraphim energies such as Melchizedek and Metatron and the Angelic Realms. Two of their prime guides are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene who come forth with teachings and energetic transmissions, all of which are focused on balancing the masculine and feminine within each of us and how to best lead our daily lives from an I am who I am consciousness, moving beyond the triggers which keep us trapped in the shadows of our perceptions.


Regardless of your belief system, you’ll find Renee & Anthony’s Study with Spirit® courses, offerings and channelings riveting and transformative. Merkabah activations and healing energy transmissions are part of each course and session.


During the live sessions, participants can interact with Yeshua and Magdalene, presenting their most provocative and compelling questions they’ve always want answered about spirituality, consciousness, masculine and feminine energies, the multidimensional soul, humanity’s evolution and beyond. Recorded replays will be available to those who miss the live sessions.

Blue Soul Earth®



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ITEM 1:Live Workshop with
Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

November 19th at 9am PT / 12noon ET


Join us for a riveting workshop, where you’ll dictate the direction of the content. Show up with your most pressing questions and spend time with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.


Learn about their life and their wisdom. About the trajectory of humanity. About spiritual awakenings. About the bridge to science. About the Akashic Records. About the Soul. About the Soul’s Journey and much much more.


Scroll down for some topic ideas to get things rolling although you may have a few surprise topics that don’t show up here. It’s always a wild ride in their presence.


Show up with what you think you want and leave with what your soul actually needed. Energy transmissions and healing will be part of the workshop.


A few topics we can explore include:

    • Live Channeling Workshop with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in a sacred container 
    • What really happened over two thousand years ago? What was Miriam’s relationship with Yeshua? 
    • How can we best apply her wisdom to our modern times? 
    • Why is Magdalene’s energy emerging in such a significant and almost urgent way at this time in history? 
    • What is Magdalene’s role in the rebalancing of the divine feminine and masculine on our planet? 
    • What and where were Yeshua’s so-called lost years? 
    • Did Yeshua really perform miracles? Heal others and reverse disease? If so, how? 
    • How is global consciousness changing, and why does it feel as if it’s happening so rapidly? 
    • What is the trajectory of humanity? 
    • The bridge to science: what we need to know… 
    • Relationship and Love 
    • Intimacy, Sacred Sex and Love 
    • Masculine and Feminine Balance 
    • Awakenings: Kundalini versus Energy Shifts: Our DNA versus our Auric or Biofield (what’s happening now and how to handle the shifts?) 
    • What were their lives like over two thousand years ago? 
    • Yeshua and Magdalene’s Core Teachings 
    • Inner Gnosis and Noetic Wisdom at a Soul Level 
    • The Multidimensional Soul – why better understanding it can help us in our daily lives 
    • Abundance and Manifestation: how a seed of intention takes root… 
    • Guides: how to connect to them, how to tell who they are and best practices… 
    • How to ground, how to protect, how to expand… 
    • How to access the Akashic Records… 
    • Beyond our Galaxy and Solar System… 
    • And much more.


Come armed with your most pressing questions!

Recorded replay will be available for those who miss this live session.

ITEM 2:Your Soul’s Evolution

Your Soul’s Evolution™ is part of our accreditation program, which includes three levels: Level 1, 2 and 3. In each level, there are offerings, which include channelings and courses.


Included in this package is Level 2, which offers our channeled course on Sacred Geometry with Metatron and Melchizedek, which includes video-after-video of channeled wisdom from Metatron and Melchizedek, lessons and a 99-page downloadable PDF workbook.


Also included is our course Gnostic Wisdom, which offers 58+ videos of channelings with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. In each video, you’ll receive answers so many pressing questions you’ve had about spiritual awakening, inner gnosis, consciousness, the soul, masculine and feminine balance and much more.


When we stop seeking from “out there” and go inward to where the real magic lies. Vibrationally, we begin to resonate with different things (and people) and from that place, we begin to attract joy, peace, serenity, abundance in all of its forms to us, and love, like a magnet (literally). After all, we are energy beings and once we move away from our linear thinking of separation, unity consciousness becomes us and we become “it” — the All. You may have heard: As Above, So Below, but do you truly understand it?


When we work with the energy of the Universe, the All That Is. From that place, everything we desire flows to us with ease and grace. We begin to live from an I am who I am consciousness. Remember that we create our realities each moment of every day.

ITEM 3:Sacred Geometry with
Metatron & Melchizedek

This course is a combination of channeled content from Metatron, Melchizedek and other Seraphim energies and insights into the world of Sacred Geometry. For those of us on a spiritual journey, we cover questions like: what’s the connection? What does it matter? How can we implement the usefulness of sacred geometry into our daily lives? What do these symbols and shapes mean? How can we make sense of them and integrate them, whether its for practical use or creativity, such as through our passions and interests, like art, music and more.


Why do you feel a connection to these energies and how are they related to the sacred geometry we find around us — everywhere. From nature, architecture, numbers and symbols to codes, colors, shapes and Platonic Solids.

What’s their connection and why does humanity have a fascination with them? We’ll also explore why better understanding them assists our spiritual development and expansion.


What You’ll Discover

    • Sacred Geometry Across Cultures, Religions & Belief Systems 
    • The Platonic Solids vs Metatron Cubes vs the Merkabah: Is There a Connection? 
    • The Role of Shadows, Numbers, Color & Vibration in Healing 
    • Human Consciousness & the Sun 
    • What’s behind Beauty, Physicality, Intentions and Dimensions… 
    • Activation Codes: What’s their Purpose Really? 
    • Understanding Structure & Order vs Creativity & Chaos 
    • Christos-Centric versus Ego-Centric Energies: How to Work with Both 
    • What is the Science of Consciousness & Healing? 
    • Becoming One with Your Breath. Becoming One with the All. 
    • How to Access the Akashic Records

And much more….



Included in the Course: 

    • Channeled Videos of both Metatron and Melchizedek 
    • Lessons on spiritual awakening 
    • Lessons on connecting to these Seraphim energies 
    • Lessons on sacred geometry and their meaning in our lives 
    • Exercises throughout the course 
    • Curated Resources & Book Recommendations 
    • A 99 Page Downloadable Sacred Geometry Workbook 
    • And more…



As part of the course, you’ll receive a 99-page workbook that you can access while you’re going through the course, which will help you draw parallels to different categories of where Sacred Geometry appears (nature, architecture, everyday objects and even food).

You will also find that you’ll want to access it after you complete the course as well as it will serve as creative inspiration in your daily life as well as your professional one.


Live Channeling…

Anthony and Renee bring forth the energies of Metatron, Melchizedek and others who relay ancient wisdom and answer questions from those who have taken the live course (they have been edited for this video course to distill it into a format that is short and easy to digest).

You’ll also learn about specific teachings related to Sacred Geometry, Alchemy and ancient symbols as well, such as Metatron’s Cube, the Merkabah and more.


The Topics…

The topics are varied because of the diversity of those who have taken the live course. We have parsed and curated some of the more fascinating questions for this video course, addressing some of the more traditional aspects of Sacred Geometry (aka Platonic Solids, Metatron’s Cube, etc) but also where you’d be less likely to dig for it (healthcare/disease, travel, science, technology and more).

ITEM 4:Gnostic Wisdom with
Yeshua & Magadalene

This course is a combination of channeled content from Metatron, Melchizedek and other Seraphim energies and insights into the world of Sacred Geometry.


In this course, we dive into the Gnostic Teachings through a number of channeled videos with Yeshua and Magdalene. What were their original teachings from over 2,000 years ago? We explore the Inner Gnosis and Noetic Intuitive Wisdom that we all have access to as human beings. With this deeper understanding, we can also learn how to tap into quantum field for additional knowledge and for healing. This Study with Spirit® experience is packed with pure channeled content.


The truth is that Science and Spirituality are coming closer together every day and even renowned teachers and visionaries are speaking about non-duality, quantum realities and unseen energies at conferences and events. Books are pouring into the market, however, do any of us truly understand the quantum world?


Ironically, ancient sages, masters and spiritual masters like Buddha, Mohammed and Yeshua understood that unseen field even though they didn’t have the name “quantum” to describe it. Our indigenous elders understood (and still do) the same thing.


Through these channeled teachings, you’ll learn about a nearly forgotten truth: the inner gnosis truth which is that we are connected to the All That Is, we are not separate from God, the Goddess, Allah, the Cosmic Soup, Universal Consciousness, the Force, the Field, or whatever name you wish to give to that Higher Power.


Join us for over 3 hours of teachings through videos, content and teachings.



What You’ll Discover 

    • The Power Lies Within: how do we access it & ignite it to serve us in our daily lives? 
    • A Deeper Understanding of Gnostic Teachings 
    • What is your internal compass? How to use it to live. 
    • The YOU gnosis, the noetic wisdom… 
    • The oneness aspect of your Authentic Self. 
    • Yeshua’s Parables: how can we find meaning in his ancient sayings? 
    • We all have Intuitive Gifts: what is blocking them? how to move beyond them. 
    • Heart-Centered Teaching & Living: how to lead from your heart for your daily decision making. 
    • Why Love is the most Powerful Force in the Universe & beyond… 
    • Oneness & Unity Consciousness 
    • How Yeshua & Magdalene’s teachings countered what religions later taught. 
    • The I am who I am consciousness 
    • Vibrations, Frequencies, Dimensions… 
    • And much more…

ITEM 5:The After Life Series: 5 Riveting
Interviews on Life Beyond This Dimension

(from many perspectives: science, mediumship and research)


Visionaries Behind the Scenes…


Tune in to five powerful voices who have experiences with the After “Life” or more accurately, life beyond this dimension that we know of as Earth.


From research, mediumship, and science, to actual experience, NDE and more, hear what visionaries, authors and researchers in the field have to say.


Interviews done by Renee Blodgett, co-founder of Blue Soul Earth.®


ITEM 6:The Power of Meditation & Channeled
Guided Meditation: Balance the
Masculine& Feminine Energies Within

In this package, you’ll also receive the audio, The Power of Meditation as well as a guided, channeled meditation on balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine within.


Often, we think of masculine as “male” and feminine as “female,” however the truth is that we each have these beautiful flowing energies within each of regardless of what sexual orientation we have incarnated as in this lifetime.


Many of us ‘show up’ as one of these energies more frequently, and without even realizing why, things go awry or don’t flow with ease as they do when our energetic bodies are balanced and harmonized.


We tend to get caught up into our daily lives that we’re not even aware of this imbalance. We may be aware from time-to-time, such as in the workplace or when we get into an argument with a loved one, but why is it that we over compensate? Where does it stem from?



Fear often gets in the way from that inner knowing. For some of us, we lead our lives too forcefully in our masculine or too gently in our feminine, where our creative and flowing energies tend to dictate our decisions and our lives.


Both energies are important, but how can we become more aware of where we’re spending too much time?

How do we better learn how to ebb and flow between them so we can achieve a more harmonious balance in our lives, showing up to serve in the best possible way?


ITEM 7:Your Soul Speaks eBOOK

YOUR SOUL SPEAKS goes straight to the heart about the Soul.


Whether you embrace esoteric wisdom or not, the truth is that we all seek to better understand ourselves and our role in the world.


What is your purpose?

Is it defined by your career?

What is your Soul is calling you to do?

Are you living your dream?


If not, why aren’t you stepping into what your soul truly wants to experience?

Why aren’t you painting a truly authentic canvas of your life?

What holds you back from listening to your inner voice?

And, more importantly, WHY?


The truth is: we all have “imprints” or “shadows” so deeply buried that have traveled with us for eons that we don’t always trust that the inner wisdom coming to us is “safe” or “true.”


In this insightful channeled offering you’ll learn how to tap into your own innate wisdom, ignite your human potential and begin to trust in your Higher Self’s calling so you can fully step into your Soul’s Purpose in this lifetime.


Don’t you deserve it? There’s no better time than right now.

Blue Soul Earth®



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About Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone

Healers, Channels  and Spiritual Teachers


Modern mystics, channelers and healers, Renee and Anthony are the voices behind Blue Soul Earth® which is focused on igniting global consciousness by bridging the worlds of science and spirituality. They ignite the human potential and help others transform from within by tapping into their own innate wisdom, so the answers to the questions of “Why am I here? And, how do I step into my life purpose to live a more joyful life?” come with both ease and grace.

The teachings focus on Universal Consciousness, Heart-Centered Living and our Human Existence. Combining their intuitive gifts, they tap into the hidden and inner worlds that shamans, sages and spiritual masters speak of and where transformational healing takes place. They channel the Ascended Masters, a collective of non-physical beings from higher realms of consciousness as well as other ‘energies’ such as Melchizedek, Metatron, the Angelic and Seraphim realms, Magdalene, Yeshua, and others. Sessions include metaphysical wisdom from the Guides and the Akashic Records, remote viewing and quantum healing of the energy body.

Additionally, they are both Usui Reiki and Holy Fire Masters and certified in Pythagorean, Edgar Cayce and Platonic energy healing. Their intention is to help others reach an expanded level of consciousness and to become their own Ascended Master. From this place of alignment, not only can people step into their own untapped potential and power, but accelerate their abilities to heal themselves and others. Renee & Anthony also lead Blue Soul Travel™ retreats to sacred destinations around the world and Dining with Spirit® experiences for those with a passion for both spirituality and food. Renee spent more than two decades in branding, journalism and technology where she helped dozens of brands, artists and entrepreneurs align with their vision and find their voice.

She has appeared on and in Good Morning America, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, BBC, NPR and countless others. Having traveled to over 90 countries and lived in 11, Renee integrates a myriad of mind/body methods into their work, including sound healing, naturopathy & embodiment – she has published six travel photography books & is founder of award-winning online platform We Blog the World™ which is focused on Transformative Travel and has more than a half million reach globally.

Anthony has served as a bi-lingual speech & language pathologist and therapist who has helped under-served populations and schools for over two decades. Forever passionate about linguistics, history and culture, he speaks five languages. Anthony is a long time Vinyasa yogi, has a number of Martial Arts accreditations and specializes in Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo. He is also a Sifu in Dan Black Belt Chinese Kempo, has a Black Sash in Shippalgi Korean Kung Fu, is a Master of Iron Palm Training, as well as a Specialist in Combat Sports, Physical Fitness and “Prana Yama” The Art of Breath Control”.

They have partnered with and/or spoken at events such as The Healing Summit, Gathering for Humanity, New Living Expo, Wisdom 2.0, IONS (Institute for Noetic Sciences) & the New York Times Travel Show.

What People Are Saying
About Renee and Anthony


“The intense celestial energy of unconditional love which came through, assisted me in braking new grounds. The transmission of Love was extraordinary and lasted for several days. Personality and ego is set side so celestial beings can heal and uplift you through their love for humanity.”

–Dr. Gabriele Hilberg, Ph.D., MFT Psychologist


“To connect directly with Spirit and have questions answered you’ve been wondering about for a lifetime is powerful. I highly recommend anyone who wants a deeper spiritual connection to work with them.”

–Natalie Petouhoff, Ph.D., VP of Fortune 500 Company & Award-winning Author


“Renee and Anthony are at the forefront of the evolution of spirituality. Together, they are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. Both are deeply committed to their path of helping you heal and transform. It is rare to encounter the level of love and service they bring to their work.”

–Merrily Black, Founder, Connecting Souls International


“Renee and Anthony are inspiring explorers of both the physical and the spiritual worlds. They open our eyes to experiences that we would not have without their guidance. I have always believed that we are all connected by a higher level of energy and they bring us into contact with it.”

–Steve Huggins, Technology Entrepreneur


“The beautiful and sacred space held by Renee and Anthony’s teachings, channelings and healings, allows for a clear and loving transmission to occur during their courses and circles. As a couple, they are committed to supporting their community on and offline.”

–Kristen Eykel MHt, Author, Yoga and Reiki Master


“Working with Renee & Anthony is a wild adventure. They take the metaphysical worlds and make them physical through their channeling. It’s as if your beliefs and faith become physical in the process. Their Study with Spirit® courses, workshops and events and teachings are always a powerful experience.”

–Andrew Kippen, Founder, The Subconscious Way


“Renee & Anthony’s teachings & workshops are so desperately needed in our spiritually bankrupted society. Their offerings are connected to Spirit in a way that requires them to accelerate the healing of a broken society through spirit. Their care and clarity is a profound gift to humanity.”

–Sarita Patel, Culture Curator


“The love and presence that I felt was palpable. Renee and Anthony hold a powerful and safe container for miracles to unfold. I feel awakened and amplified, grateful to have been part of such an intimate and spirit guided intention.”

–Sarah Cruse, Singer & Healing Artist


“Both Anthony and Renee have an incredible gift of really seeing and holding you, and are on a very clear mission to serve with love and purpose!”

–Klaudeen Shemirani, M.A, SoulBody Wisdom & Rituals


“A master at connecting with Angels, Masters and Guides and channeling the messages that we each need to hear most. A truly rare gift, the words which come through resonate at a profound level.”

–Lynn Kirkham, TEDx Speaker Coach & Founder, YesYouCanSpeak! 




Renee and Anthony

Join Renee and Anthony's live class!

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*Please note, If the package you purchased includes a 1:1 session with the speaker, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session. You have six months from the date of purchase to schedule your appointment for your one-on-one with the speaker, unless otherwise specified.

Materials, techniques and information shared on BEYOND THE ORDINARY are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making any changes, participants should consult their healthcare providers or seek medical advice.

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Blue Soul Earth®



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