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Dismantle. Untangle. Unwind. Shed the layers that have been suffocating you. Land with a boom inside your body. And take up some motherfucking space.


Dear truth-seeker,

You feel deprived. Your needs are hungry. You are spent. Exhausted. Gutted.   You have conformed, constricted, contorted, and distorted yourself for others, who have been penetrating your energetic opening without your permission.   You’ve compromised yourself to manage their emotions at the cost of your own, because you’ve needed their okayness in order to have yours.


Much of your life has been such a performance that you can’t totally feel what’s true for you beneath all these layers. Let alone fully embody it.


And – when you let yourself dip beneath the numbness of the external control show – you touch grief. Grief at the ways you feel you have been violated, penetrated, and forced to be compliant. And maybe even rage.


You want to harness the clear and neutral power of your NO to all the external pushes and pulls on your energy, so you can be in alignment with your authentic, receptive, soft, and open-hearted YES.


I feel your desire to stop forsaking your needs for theirs. To be shored up, powerful, and well-fed.


You never have to abandon, forsake, deny, or betray yourself again.





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Welcome to my flagship program. In fact, it is my only one. I have retired all my other programs because they were no longer true. I let them die. This container is the core creational energy that demanded to be born in that space.


‘Roar’ is the invitation when your desire is to be free. Free of external sway. Free of cords. Free of attachments. Free of codependency. Free of the influence of resentment, guilt, shame, overwhelm, confusion, or resentment. Free to be who you are.


It is the ancient, crooked witch’s finger beckoning you down the labyrinthine mystery path of your unknown inner landscape, which holds the secret keys to that freedom.


With me as your guide, you will cross the threshold onto the slippery, sliding downslope of the dank, rich, fertile, and wild Feminine. Here, the tenderly applied pressure of life herself brings you what you need in each moment to integrate, transmute, and alchemize your karmic wounds, as you open to receive her.


Layer after layer of your disguises will be shown to you and then fall off like heavy robes that have been covering the piercing power of your soft and open center.


You will land completely in your body, where you can feel what is true for you, and expand from your center so powerfully and completely that it is impossible to betray yourself.


Like a memory foam mattress taken out of its packaging that just can’t be put back into its constricting mold.


And then – from that clear, immovable knowing – you live the holy roar from your womb that expresses crystal clear as Your Medicine. Vibrating out from your core, calling to it all that is in resonance with it. And a natural protection to that which is not.


Unadulterated. Easy. Solid. Unavailable for bullshit. No contortion required. Non-compliant to anything but your own YES.


What to expect.

I will walk you through three gates:

  1. Rewilding
    • Your descent. Sliding down the walls. Melting. Unwinding. Shedding. Disrobing. Surrendering to life herself as your teacher.
  2. Reclamation
    • Landing in your body. Feeding yourself and your desire. Naked. Raw. Open. Knowing whats true.
  3. Renaissance
    • Rebirth. Your Ascent. Rising. Taking up space. Expression. Adornment. Internally validated action. No bullshit. No games. Your ROAR.


In this process, you will bring life to the table as your teacher – and me as your guide to discover the gold nugget of truth medicine hidden inside the dramas, triggers, and conflicts.


We will untangle the knots together so you can find the soul wisdom within (and the orgasmic energetic release as the binds comes loose). You will become powerfully neutral, clean, and clear in your communication.


(this is the relationship olympics, with life Herself as your coach).


Through practice you will master the great adventure you chose to play: Human.


The Holy Woman Vow
of Inner Devotion.


You will exit each gate as a living, breathing embodiment of the following sacred ‘Holy Woman’ Vow of Inner Devotion.


Gate #1: Unapologetic – I do not apologize for myself. I take responsibility for myself, and I am in full ownership of myself. I meet my own edges so others don’t have to. I see others in their power to hold what who I am brings up for them, and I treat them as such. Minimizing, deleting, qualifying, retracting, and adulterating Who I Am does not happen here.


Gate #2: Unbound – Control has been the mechanism through which I’ve kept myself small and stuck. It has been suffocating, relentless, and punishing. Binding. It has kept down the wild woman within. I am no longer a slave to that control, manipulation, coercion, or domination. I am neither the victim, nor the rescuer, nor the persecutor in the external game. I play by my own rules.


Gate #3: Unf**kwithable – I am boundaried, shored up, and powerful. I do not compromise myself for your tastes, or who I think you want me to be. I feed myself. I transmute my karmic patterns into manna for my soul. I am a grand-spaceholder for Human and Divine. Above all: I hold myself and therefore am able to be with anything. I am in integrity, alignment, and full self-expression. I am holy and treat myself as such.


The Details.

What’s included:

  • Monthly Live Alchemy Calls with Me (4 total). You will bring your stuff and we will work it through. First Friday of every month at noon MTN time.
    • Gate 1: Rewilding. December 3 at noon MTN time
    • Gate 2: Reclamation. January 7 at noon MTN time
    • Gate 3: Renaissance. February 4 at noon MTN time
    • Gate 4: Roar. March 4 at noon MTN time
  • Core Teaching Transmissions
  • Embodiment Processes
  • Holy Woman Community
  • Shamanic Limpia Ceremonies


The moment you sign up you will be given access to all preparation videos and processes that set the stage for your journey. We cross the threshold together live on Dec 3 at noon.


But, first.


You have to want it.


This work isn’t easy. It will take you to your edges. It will not always be sweet and gentle.


We will be dismantling the games you play that you don’t know you are playing. This can be very confronting to your ego.


You get to see yourself in your power to hold what this brings up for you.


Whatever you have to walk through to sign up IS the work. It starts the transmutation.


Your true desire is what exists beyond the mental noise, the ‘reasons’, the excuses, the pro’s and con’s, the ‘yeah buts’ and the ‘what ifs’.


Simply put: you will know if this is for you.   And I don’t mean ‘know’, I mean know.




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About Steffie Funk

Shamanic Healer


Steffie Funk is a holy woman who helps you remember Who You Really Are, and What You Came Here to Do. She is a space for those moving from the ego masculine into the dark feminine to drop the confining layers of fear, pretense and control. And experience the unrestricted orgasmic freedom of embodying – and expressing – their true essence into the world.

What People Are Saying
About Steffie


This program helped me move the obstacles out of the way, gave me some much needed healing, and clear space for the absolute gift that’s mine to claim in this lifetime.”

– Virginia D.


“This medicine wheel program is brilliant. Everyone needs this right now.”

– Trisha W.


“This was one of the most significant shifts in my life that came at such a synchronistic time, and it was nothing short of magical.”

– Fernando D.


“Oh Steffie – so excited for the future! Thank you so much for guiding me along on this journey and showing me the light! The universe is most definitely working some magic right now and aligning in so many ways. It’s amazing!”

– Ashley V.




Steffie Funk

Work with Steffie!

$111 BUY NOW


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