Stewart Pearce: Being An Empath Is Your Superpower





Empathy is your number one superpower, because the peerless love lying at the heart of empathy is the key power that brings the might of your soul to be alive within you. Your love is the core meaning behind why you chose to incarnate, it is the superpower that the Divine has placed within you, it is the power through which you may identify with another person’s unique experience – for when we become empathic we become ’we’ and replicate the state of grace that constitutes the inclusivity of the Source.


Love is the conduit that turns meditation, prayer and chant into vehicles that prepare us for the presence of the miraculous. For prayer and chant magically affect the space-time continuum, opening neural pathways into the very mind of God and therefore they make paradise quiver. Remember the Cosmos as God’s creation is also a field of exquisite intention and will not be done with you until you wake to the miraculous nature of its reality. When we wake to the intelligence of the Galaxy and the Universe, we wake to the love of God and see the face of paradise in all creation, and then we realize that the Universe is a personal love letter written to us by the Divine, and oh how it opens to us right now!





has prepared a series of products that will uplift you into a place of bliss, where you will feel empathy
as your core power, shifting all the material items of your life into the field of pure abundance that is the
unity consciousness of the Source!


In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of ‘we’,
Lies a jewel, in beauty’s store
Shining forth eternally.


Within that precious jewel
Within that priceless piece of ‘we’,
Lies a zone beyond all time
Lies a place beyond all space.


Within that sacred source of light
Within that precious glowing ‘we’
Lies a love beyond all love
Waiting, waiting, patiently….


Waiting for you, waiting for me,
Waiting for all to see,
The beauty that is you inside of me
The beauty that is me inside of you…….
the beauty that is ‘we’.


In the deepest depths of you and me
In the deepest depths of ‘we’.
Lies a wisdom of love and joy,
Whispering for all Eternity.





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This is a rare opportunity to spend sixty minutes with Angelic Emissary, Radiance Mentor and Master Alchemist STEWART PEARCE during which he will tune you to the frequency of your Soul’s Note by interpreting what your soul’s odyssey is revealing, and by atoning karma.


Feeling is the language of the soul and so this will be a supremely authentic, deeply loving, highly inspirational Destiny Check on your incarnation and will help you to find a way of resolving any issues that are not in coherence with your Soul’s creative trajectory.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Enhance your connection with your Guardian Angel, Angelic Guides & Spirit Mentors
  • Greater clarity about your purpose and who your soul wants you to be
  • A Soul Healing of the karmic challenges that have beset your life
  • A reconnection with your own Source USB Point and the celestial forces that want for you to experience love, health and abundance through their bountiful gifts
  • A prophecy will be given to you alongside your own specific mantra for these times
  • Inspirational information will be offered about how to achieve optimum health and miracle mindedness
  • A reconnection or connection will be made to all that is fundamental about your soul, beyond the challenges of your three-dimensional existence
  • And more, much more…





Being an empath can be challenging at times as a consequence of the acute sensitivity that constitutes being an empath, for this is what being an empath means!

Being an Empath means the more you realize you are the embodiment of God’s love, the more you are filled with that love

Being an Empath means that Divine love and joy are acutely present in your being…… for the more you feel as God feels, the more you will be met by the supernatural aid of the Divine Angels.


This wonderful meditation by Stewart will allow you to:

Turn your sensitivity into a tool
Turn your sensitivity into a purpose
Use your sensitivity to create meaning in the world
Use your sensitivity to tune into a superpower


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Through the deep calm, Angelic healing and immense understanding, Stewart’s voice will lull you into being full of future promise as an Empath
  • Iyanla Van Zant has said: “This is one of the greatest recorded Meditations I’ve ever heard, as Stewart’s amazingly resonant voice mesmerizes me into the bliss of Divine calm!”
  • You will feel a greater serenity drawing you to connect with the Divine through stillness and therefore you will receive the abundance of the Divine
  • Heaven sent you will feel Stewart’s voice awaken neural pathways within you, bringing you to a sense of the Angels and Spirit Guardians around you
  • Be prepared to experience increased synchronicity, spirit manifestation, and enhanced intuitive abilities
  • Feel the whole of your being bathed in a greater stillness, well-being, and cellular well-being
  • Developing a desire to devote, dedicate and discipline your life for an eternal connection with the Divine





Sacred vessels of acute prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Gayatri, and the Shema bring divine providence immediately to us.


Here in this recording you will experience the hypnotic energy of Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, which will open neural pathways that will become suffused with celestial force. So supernal nectar will be dispensed within you – healing, affirming and reconnecting you with Divine splendor.


Stewart’s voice will reassure you and restore vital energies that can so often be stolen from us during the pell-mell of three-dimensional life.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • The mind of God and so you will feel the creative force within the center of your life,rich with manifestation, abundance and joy
  • Comprehend more fully the excellence of your creative scope and what your purpose on Earth may be
  • Feel the love of God and the Angelic Kingdoms supporting you and backing your creative evolution
  • Sensing the unique power of the Aramaic language creating a sound bath that nourishes and allows a direct transmission of Source Energy
  • Increase your level of devotion to the Divine – for when our love intensifies, we feel the desire to prolong our dedication and discipline, and so reap sacred gifts
  • The Angels will feel close at hand to give you shimmering connections to Divine gifts
  • A greater clarity of how your creative path may open to you to find the success that is measured by sustained joy





Our soul is a precious yet courageous beam of light that arises from the Source and is complete with a unified accord – the one mind, the one heart, the one soul, the one spirit – yet our conventional lives often draw us into separation.


In this recording Stewart takes us back into the I AM PRESENCE of one-ness and unity consciousness and so will provide you with a renewed connection with Divine love and joy.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • A truly unlimited connection with Source Energy and therefore the ability to be at one with the divine force of the source and the will to create great magic
  • Connection with the miracle mindedness of the Cosmos, where there is an unlimited flow and a plentitude of abundance. Or in other words, where there exists no resistance or scarcity or fear.
  • Feeling the natural elements of our being – earth, water, air, spirit – beginning to activate our favor for the elements, through a pathway of meditation
  • Uplifting energies that will fill your soul and biochemistry with celestial joy and much evolution
  • Expanding your intuition to be accommodated in an increased auric field of light
  • The easy resolution of physical or emotional challenges held in your cells or light body
  • A greater connection with the multifaceted nature of the Cosmos, and all of its spirit intelligence




This scroll gives inspirational ways of staying within the mind of God by continuously connecting with unity consciousness, and therefore transcending into being a master of light.


The testament of the work continually attempts to anchor and evoke the principles of one-ness given by the codes of Atlantis into our whole experience from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Feel an ancient wisdom stream opening for you, arising from deep within the Cosmos
  • Experience your very own pathway of powerful belief connect with the unity of the Cosmos
  • Experience what it is to be a constituent part of God’s plan
  • Noticing how spiritual substance will come from material manifestation when you are alight with love and joy
  • Live the greatest vision of you as a Master-Mistress Creator within the Universe
  • Full connection with Unity Consciousness and therefore with the ‘All That Is’
  • Developing a much more reliant meditation sequence that’s enlivened by Source Energy




This scroll is dedicated to the spiritual laws of the cosmos, that are not just beliefs but true descriptions of how consciousness actually operates with the kingdom of infinite possibility.


We need reminding because life becomes so hectic in our doing, doing, doing modus that we forget. Yet if we could only love with the strength of wild water, move with the mood of the moon and create with the will of the wind we will always remain in touch with Source Energy.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • The ability to connect with the spiritual laws that balance the material reality of our lives with Divine wisdom
  • The experience of filling one’s material consciousness with the miracles of the Cosmos, and so recognizing that miracles are changes in perception
  • Being nourished by the Universe as the course of your life is determined consciously, yet in step with Divine Will
  • Recognizing that each of your excellent creations are expressions of the Mind of God
  • The knowledge that an Atlantean pathway has opened for you which will generate huge force for the revolution of consciousness that your cells will produce and which you will move through
  • Sense that you are truly an enlightened being lighting up each aspect of your life’s creativity and thriving
  • Feel yourself to be a child of God at whatever age, and the more you feel this innocence the more you will connect with the infinite intelligence of the Divine




The Twelve Angels of Atlantis bring us to the pathway of transcendence within the I AM PRESENCE, the code that was given to us millennia ago through Moses and which automatically brings us into the presence of the Divine, when we feel we have left.


This is a path to material abundance through immaterial means, and a set of spiritual keys that lead to worldly power.


From the sovereignty of the I AM PRESENCE our love becomes the superpower through which we identify with another person’s unique experience, where we become empathically ’we’. Love is also the conduit for prayer and chant, which prepare us for the presence of the miraculous.


THIS OFFERING will bring you to:

  • Comprehend a love which is not dependent on other human beings comforting or validating you, but by your belief that as a child of God your will and destiny are always seen and led by Divine Will
  • The ability to not look away from the darkness or illusions of the world, but to discover the ability to look through the darkness to the light that exists beyond
  • To think with the Divine Mind, so that you aren’t overcome by the challenges, but more you see them as means to reveal even more love and joy
  • Source all your living processes from the love of the Divine rather than from material reality, that, that is organized by establishment or social systems
  • Deviate from the conventional state that the majority of people live their lives by, and move into the eternal abundance of the Cosmos
  • Recognizing that any negativity is something you can easily walk away from when the world presents it to you, and then walk into the arms of love
  • Believing in the infinite abundance of the Cosmos by surrendering to the self-organizing, self-correcting nature of the Universe. All you need do is to lean into these beliefs, faiths and trusts and all energy becomes well for you, and this is when Miracles occur





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ABOUT Stewart Pearce

Sound Healer and Angel Medium


STEWART PEARCE is a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach who has spent the last forty years as the go-to Voice Coach & Celebrity Mentor for the great and the good, so his pedigree and reputation precede him wherever he goes. Stewart’s work has inspired change during key moments of history as we may read with the late Diana Princess of Wales. Often Stewart is found standing in the wings, helping thought-leaders and change-makers to achieve a more authentic presence in order to fully achieve their potential broadcast to the world.
In addition, having been awake to the intelligence of the Cosmos since childhood, in 1987 Stewart miraculously met a communion of the Twelve Angels of Atlantis on Glastonbury Tor, and since that time he has shared the intelligence of this communion of advanced Light Beings, with people like yourself.


What People Are Saying About
Stewart Pearce


Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge are unique and give him a leading-edge position as a Master of Voice & Performance who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!



The melodies created by the Angel’s in Stewart’s work are simply beautiful. Invocation is the prayer of wisdom, and the refuge of the pure. The unique intelligence of this sound healing work opens the scope of the meeting between heaven and earth. Thank heavens for the Angels and Stewart!

LOUISE HAY Author, Entrepreneur, Legendary Hay House Creator


I am so happy to wholeheartedly recommend the work of this extraordinary man to anyone who wants to discover themselves through their most potent art; the sound of their own voice and the Angelic Emissary’s work.

PETER HARRISON – Director of Watkins Books…..the World’s Most Respected Spiritual Bookstore (Established London 1983)









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