Alina Burgos

Alina Burgos

Alina Burgos (they/she) comes from a lineage of intuitive and spiritually tuned in women. She has tapped into passed on loved ones, spirits, and the energy of those around them since she can remember. She was drawn to tarot when her intuitive and spiritual practice asked to be manifested in the physical. She found tarot and began getting clear and connected messages from her own spiritual team and was called to read for her community.

Together you will explore those questions you are called to ask and tap into the energy of your life force for the answers that already live inside of you and those answers which your spiritual team are so eager to give you.

In her own words: Tarot serves as a mirror of self reflection and can deliver us the opportunity to directly connect with our own intuition as all the messages you’ll be given in a reading come from your highest self with the help of your ancestors, angels, and spirit guides. Tarot gives us the chance to physicalize our intuition, buried desires, and unconscious blocks. Tarot has helped me connect with myself and with my spirit. Tarot gives me the chance to connect to those I may have never crossed paths with. Transforming community through healing and intentional reflection is what I am most interested in as a reader and I am so grateful to connect with you who feels called.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • December 9th – Encore at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET