Karen Curry: Healing By Human Design

Karen Curry: Healing By Human Design

Introducing Healing by Human Design™


Negative patterns, illnesses, bad relationships, lack of finances and career challenges have obvious physical manifestations.


We are trained to treat our symptoms in order to eliminate pain.


And while treating symptoms can improve a situation, start to make us feel better or create some shifts, if we don’t look at the underlying reasons why we experience the pain in the first place, we run the risk of creating the pain all over again.


What is the source of pain?


The greatest source of pain of all kinds comes from our conditioning.


It’s like this. As we grow in utero, we experience energy, cellular patterns and biochemical influences from our mother and from the environment around us. When we are born, we continue to be imprinted by our surroundings, our life experiences, the beliefs of our families and the collective beliefs around us.


Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, our conditioning…our imprinting…creates in us energy patterns that cause pain.


Healing By Human Design


Healing By Human Design

What if there was a shortcut to get to the root of what’s hurting you?

Announcing a brand-new way to get to the core issue that trigger all kinds of pain…





My name is Karen Curry Parker. I am a B.S.N., a Healing Touch Practitioner and a Best-Selling author. I’ve been a student of energy psychology techniques like EFT and Belief Point Therapy for more than 15 years.


Helping people get out of pain is my passion.


As a Life Coach for more than 22 years, I’ve personally helped over 7,000 people unravel the source of pain in their lives. I’ve taught thousands more.


I know that we get stuck and trapped in pain in every area of our life. When we know the source of our pain, it gives us the key to heal faster and the power of self-mastery.



Human Design, a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics, shows us that we are energetically hard-wired to love ourselves, be empowered and powerful, make a unique and important contribution to the world, forgive the past and move forward, take our direction from life from Spirit, be physically healthy, have all the resources we need to fulfill our Life Path and to act with great love for Humanity. When any of our life experiences, such as trauma or repeated exposure to negative beliefs, take us away from this truth, we forget Who We Truly Are and we experience pain. Each one of us is different. Human Design shows us that we are all hard-wired in unique ways. Your hardwiring is going to predispose you to experiencing the kind of pain that may be manifesting in your life right now.

When you understand the root of your pain, it helps you tackle it with greater awareness, on a much deeper level. Your pain becomes your teacher and your experience with pain helps you gain greater self-awareness and deeper, more permanent healing.



Let me give you an example.

(To get the most out of this example, you will appreciate having your personal Human Design chart. To get your free Human Design chart and report, click here


Let’s say that you have the Gate 63, Doubt and Confusion defined in your Human Design chart:



The Gate 63 can often be experienced as self-doubt. If you have unconsciously allowed self-doubt to rule your life, you may have made choices that hold you back from fulfilling your potential. You may even have settled or compromised with your life choices, forcing yourself into situations that you hate or resent…all because you doubted you could do what you really wanted to do.


Now this may seem sad or tragic. But it’s more than just tragic, the effect of actively living out the low end of the Gate 63 can also create pain and illness in your life and body.


Whenever we compromise the highest expression of our True Selves, we create the potential for pain.


When you understand that the energy of the Gate 63 is necessary for you to be a good critical thinker and that the Gate 63 helps you evaluate ideas and information and IS NOT supposed to be used to doubt yourself, you can begin develop a whole new set of awarenesses and skills that can help you defeat self-doubt and deepen your ability to think critically and clearly.


When you understand how to use your Human Design to get to the energetic emotional and spiritual root of what’s causing the pain in your life, you can take your healing to a whole new level.


Who doesn’t want to be pain-free?


What we see in the Human Design chart is this: The ultimate result of changing patterns and self-mastery is joy.


The goal of our human experience is to break the patterns that keep us suffering and claim our joy.



It’s not sheer will that makes a difference and creates healing in our lives…Only self-awareness can change your vibration, your energy and your full presence that creates the opening for transformation and healing.



New Healing by Human Design Foundation Program

You will learn:

  • What it means to live without pain
  • How to figure out what’s hurting you
  • The first step you can do to begin your healing journey


What’s included:

  • 6 video lessons over 3 hours of content
  • **HD Level 1 & 2 not included**
  • Handouts for each video
  • BONUS video on EFT for Beginners


“The answer to creating a healthier, more joyful life is within you.”  Love, Karen

What Others Are Saying About Karen

“I have been on the healing journey for many many years, but there have been some areas that almost seemed resistant to healing. By targeting my unique design The Master Alignment and Healing by Human Design have given and continues to give me the specific healing that I have needed to move forward with my life.”
J. Sheridan


“When I look back to this time last year and compare it to where I am now in relation to understanding and living my true identity, I am awed and amazed. My study of Human Design and the Maser Alignment Class in particular has been the major factor in my self-discovery and new sense of self. The method of combining human design with emotional freedom technique (EFT) has been so powerful in opening new and exciting vistas as I design each day of my joyful new life.”
Bobbi Klein


“I’ve found the Healing By Human Design and the Master Alignment Program highly effective in raising my awareness and uncovering the roots of behaviors that I want to change. Change starts with an idea of what you want. Change is a process and Healing By Human Design provides the tools and insights to gently and quickly make it happen.”
Elaine Correia


“Healing by Human Design has changed my life profoundly. I have finally been given not only the keys to the kingdom but also the “Black Book” on what to do and how to fix things if something goes wrong. The best part from day one, I have never been alone in this journey. Karen, her staff, and the community are a message away. I have never felt so free to “BE”… I am accepted, loved, and supported for being me…. If you saw my chart you would understand why that is huge and important for me. If everyone understood human design, the world would be a place full of love and peace.”
Jamie Streett


“What I’ve received from the Master Alignment Program is life changing. Looking at my chart I can take small areas of life concerns and work on those individually. Then as I’m ready I add more individual pieces to the mix. Having access to audios/videos allows me time to put things together in a coherent way. And I am definitely helped with “taming” the sense of overwhelm I can feel in learning new material.”
Linda Simmons


30-Day Guarantee: Our Commitment to Our Community


If this program doesn’t resonate for you, we invite you to contact us within 30 days of your original purchase for a refund so that you may continue your search to find the program that supports you to elevate your soul consciousness. Please note, refunds are not available after you engage in a scheduled 1:1 session.


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