Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer

Raquel is a Catalyst for Spiritual Awakening.

Her no-nonsense approach provides a refreshing and grounded pathway for personal growth and empowerment. Calling herself a Spiritual Warrior, her tagline says it all… “Guiding you through the B.S. and beyond so you can get on with what you’re here to do!”

Considered one of the Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders, she opens the dormant mind/body pathways and cellular codes of Light to assist you with remembering your Divine Sovereignty.

Referred to as a Multidimensional Energy Electrician and Cellular Light & Sound Specialist, her skills come from Direct access to higher states of consciousness and memory.

Utilizing skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Atlantean Atla-Ra Priestess, knowledge from the original 13 Etheric Crystal Skulls and many cosmic / universal expressions, she unlocks your Human Super Computer to embody the highest level of your Divine Essence.

Recognized by Shamans, High Priest/Priestess and Lamas alike, Raquel has traveled the world following her guidance to facilitate the awakening of Light workers, Star seeds and seekers of universal truths.

Assisting thousands around the globe, she helps you navigate through and understand your own multidimensionality, accelerating your Spiritual Awakening and Expanding Your Consciousness.

Her life shifted profoundly after an unexplained 5-week coma, during which she underwent a Soul Braid and a rewiring of her physical and energetic systems. The coma marked the beginning of her own personal awakening and preparation to fulfill her cosmic agreement to help prepare humanity for the “Shift in Consciousness.”

Through Ancient & Light languages, codes, downloads and more…, her multidimensional energy activations accelerate the return to YOUR natural original blueprint as a Divine Human.

Upcoming Broadcasts

  • September 21st at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET